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    When do you retire an arrow and broadhead?

    Holy bat wings Batman. Those are wicked
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    Accessory Holder for tree?

    I followed Ernie Power’ DIY video instructions and made a HYS strap and use small carribener as and S hooks to attach everything. Would do the job for everything on your list but the phone
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    Kidney stones and opening day!

    I had on on New Year’s Day and a second one in feb this year. They are definitely no fun. I can’t imagine hanging in a saddle when trying to pass one. Kiddos to you man for having the stones (pun intended) to tough it out! I would not feel safe hanging from a tree if taking the drugs they...
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    Would you let it slide?

    Just wanted to reiterate that My reason for reporting it is because the stand was hung illegally, not because I’m trying to stake a claim over this spot. It is public land so the other guy has just as much right to hunt the property as me as long as he plays by the rules. I had no pictures of...
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    Would you let it slide?

    The warden did go check out the report and actually called me from the spot to tell me the stand was no longer there. He thanked me for making the report. So, seems like this person may have just been hunting the property illegally that day (out of season and in the closed area).
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    Would you let it slide?

    No. I wasn’t. The guys stand was only about 50 yards inside the no hunting zone. If I was to hunt on this part of the property the tree we would set up in is about 100 yards away in the open area.
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    When do you retire an arrow and broadhead?

    I had one arrow this year where the broadhead was gone when I found the arrow and the tip was a little messed up. Not sure what it hit but it was enough to cause it to fail I flex tested it and proceeded to cut it down a half inch only to find that part of the insert was still in the shaft. I...
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    What is your method for sharpening broadhead s?

    I bought new Muzzy One broadheads this year and sharpened them before using them in the field. After one shot, the feel very dull. I’ve tried sharpening them again but I just can’t seem to put a good edge on them again. What is your technique for sharpening your broadheads?
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    When do you retire an arrow and broadhead?

    Wondering whether people retire the arrow and broadhead that is used to kill a deer? Or do you clean it off, sharpen the head and put it back in the quiver? If you put it back in the quiver, do you test it on the range at different distances to make sure it still flies true before it goes back...
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    Got one!!!

    Congrats! Cool looking buck
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    How many deer per year?

    1 is enough for my family. If my son shoots one during firearm season, the meat will probably go to hunters for the hungry.
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    Lost/Left Behind/Forgotten

    Lost an arrow walking out in the dark through some thick stuff after my first sit. Lost my gear strap, mini binders and s binders the next weekend. Lost my hero clip bow hanger 2 weeks ago and Lost one of my camo gloves last weekend while scouting. This addiction is expensive enough to be...
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    Big Buck Down! Georgia Suburbs

    Congrats! So satisfying when the plan comes together after putting in all the work.
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    Would you let it slide?

    I decided to go the route of letting the warden handle it. To add a bit of additional info, the stand was also put up within an area of the park that is closed to hunting (must be at least 100 yards away from the hiking trail that goes through the property). The stand was only 180 feet away...
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    2019 Hunting Season Bonehead Moves

    Went in at 1:00 for an afternoon sit during early season with plans on doing some scouting on the way to my destination. Get about 3/4 mile from the car and cut a heavy cross trail so I stop, drop the backpack and take my phone out of the top pocket to mark the trail on onX. Put the phone in...
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    NutterBuster does the impossible...

    Surely you must still be suffering a great pain while you work on getting the pine tar out of your tether and scent lock blue jeans and t-shirt. Where should we send flowers?
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    Would you let it slide?

    Yes, cameras can be left out as long as they are labeled and not placed over a walking trail or bathroom
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    Would you let it slide?

    I did move the camera that day. there were no pictures of the stand owner on it so they didn’t go further in than the stand location when they hung it.
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    2nd Annual Family-Friendly Nutter Bustin' Contest

    Lol, looks like you placed the kayak next to the quarry to provide relative size reference. Looks like about 6 feet of tree rats.