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  1. dblomberg4

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    Looks like my kite is going to work well under my coveralls for the cold weather thats coming for gun season. The slits work perfectly to pull the loops out. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. dblomberg4

    Why carry so much crap?

    No Way i'm heading to a tree without some toilet paper at a minimum... I'm too old and, well, let's leave the rest of that alone...
  3. dblomberg4

    sometimes the end is the beginning.

    Thanks for Sharing your experience, great story man!
  4. dblomberg4

    Ridge Runner

    Sometimes quite often, I'm just not a very smart man, thanks for the correction!
  5. dblomberg4

    Another newbie from MN

    Man, i've been avoiding my facebook for about 6+ years or so and i guess if anything might get me to take a peek this might be it...
  6. dblomberg4

    Another newbie from MN

    I've hunted the metro a few times in a few different locations. Here is a crappy picture of a doe and 2 fawns in a metro WMA I took last week. honestly with all the Minnesota folks here we should try to plan a Minnesota Saddle meetup.
  7. dblomberg4

    Ridge Runner

    I imagined you were talking about a full wrap like a lot of folk do with DIY stands, which I would never do personally. I saw your picture and it looks nice, I personally just don't' see any benefit in doing any sort of wrap on mine.
  8. dblomberg4

    Ridge Runner

    I would think a wet muddy paracord wrap would get slippery quick...
  9. dblomberg4

    Another newbie from MN

    This place is getting swamped with Minnesotans lately... Welcome!
  10. dblomberg4

    FNG from Minnesota

    Welcome from St. Paul, Minnesota
  11. dblomberg4

    Pretty odd sighting in my neck of the woods

    27 licenses will be available this year for elk seasons in Kittson County’s central (Zone 20) and northeast (Zone 30) zones. It's a rough lottery if you want to hunt Elk in Mn, but it wasn't but a few years ago that I swear the number of licenses was down to 9.
  12. dblomberg4

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    I'll be getting out for a sit this week for an evening or 2 hopefully. Now repping team 8 decal thanks to @onestringer ! Unfortunately the temps were a bit cold and i jacked up the "Team" lettering... Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  13. dblomberg4

    Flingin Jr’s first archery kill and from a saddle!

    That is a great shot! nice work and congrats!
  14. dblomberg4

    Ridge Runner

    Yeah, I don't levitate while I'm hunting often...
  15. dblomberg4

    Ridge Runner

    This happens if you tighten the strap too much before camming it down. you want a snug strap but not completely tight to the tree, than you LIFT on the platform before camming it down to help lock it in. If you don't lift it up you see this issue where the platform wants to come back off the...
  16. dblomberg4

    Ridge Runner

    @Flee @Bow13 the RR strap that comes with it is a bit over 5' in length, giving you a tree circumference of 5' for maximim tree width. you can grab any length of rope and measure 5 fee and make a circle to see how big of a tree that is, and if that will work for you. Honestly though, how many...
  17. dblomberg4

    Hunting Knives

    I just picked up A Havalon Piranta and man that thing is SHARP. I have a Mike Snody Designed k-bar with a nice plastic clip in holster I keep on a carabiner that I use for most things.
  18. dblomberg4

    Ridge Runner + ROS?

    I can move around the tree 360 just fine on mine and it's rock solid for me.
  19. dblomberg4

    Aerohunter Kite with some upgrades!

    call them, there are extra costs for upgrades but they will do them.