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    SITKA 25% OFF... little bit of a hassle (edit: EXPIRED)

    You should google “cabelas first lite”......
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    100% yes.
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    Burned Out!!! Tips?

    @kyler1945 advice is really good, but......an honest assessment is in order here. I’m not saying this to be rude or condescending, but I don’t think from what I’ve read that your skill set is ready for that. Rather than frustrate yourself by covering a humongous amount of ground, use the ground...
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    Deer family yoga

    I recognize downward doe, but the other two have me buffaloed
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    A saw another saddle hunter

    United Pool Services. It was the pool guy.....
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    Finding good numbers of black bears

    That’s a big ol bear
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    Hey duck hunters

    Then the decoy bug bites and you start buying up old gunners and start bringing them back to life..... That’s only a drop in the bucket to what I have in the pipeline [emoji23]
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    Disgusting but interesting!

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    HELP Just single lunged a buck

    Congrats, man, glad you found him!
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    Climber Platform as climber and platform

    You say “no less cumbersome than one sticking”, well I’ve done both and I’m here to tell ya you are dead wrong. One sticking is a breeze. I climbed once with an API base before I had built a platform and it sucked.
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    Hey duck hunters

    I would spend more time researching WHO he’s going to hunting with if the plan is rivers and the coast. Walking in to a beaver swamp is one thing, but throw in a boat and the game changes. There’s no place for foolishness, complacency or a lack of knowledge in a boat at any time really, but...
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    Live from the saddle 2019

    9°.......woof [emoji23]
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    TEAM 5 2019

    62° here right now....lol
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    Reusable broadheads and arrow grains

    That’s beautiful [emoji1420]
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    Reusable broadheads and arrow grains

    Who says you have to cut your arrows? Admittedly I shoot a 30” draw so I don’t bother with cutting a sliver off the end of my arrow, but does it cause a problem to shoot a 32” arrow with a 28” draw? If you go with the pile drivers you would be adding probably 40gr by leaving full length.
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    Reusable broadheads and arrow grains

    I shoot full length Carbon Express Pile Drivers and Simmons 135s at 60# thru a 30” Matthews SwitchbackXT. The arrows are 11.6 grains per inch. It’s not fast. Not at all, but deer don’t run off with my arrows either.
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    Knot tying

    Grogg knots app if you want something on your phone.
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    I gave in....Crocs

    That’s mossy oak bottomland. This is me sitting on the John in jeans this morning warming the seat before I offloaded.... Only heat in the office is a space heater facing my desk, that seat can get downright unbearable.....
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    Canoe rebuild

    Yes, that’s a Ford, now I have a MF 135. I would assume WH to be Keto friendly, but I ain’t on the Keto wagon, I’m on the Paleo wagon so I sub hash browns for sliced maters. Keto has too many rules for me, I want a plan laid out then set out on that plan and adapt to whatever comes along...
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    I gave in....Crocs

    Could probably make that with amsteel and small springs.....