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    Hunting Knives

    I'm a big knife nerd - curious what all of you guys are carrying for your hunting knife or EDC. I've got a Benchmade Hidden Canyon for my hunting knife and love it. Love the S30V steel, easy to sharpen, easy to clean, and easy to handle. I would like to try out the Benchmade Altitude. I've...
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    ALPS Outdoorz Little Bear

    Anyone here use the ALPS Outdoorz Little Bear pack? I just ordered mine and had a couple ideas for customizing it. 1. Add a strap so that I can buckel on my late season bulky gear. 2. Add an attachment method for a predator platform.
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    TRADED - Tru Ball Max Pro 4 Release

    Looking to sell my tru ball max pro 4 release. Only used it a dozen or so times, just couldn't get into the thumb release. Asking $73 tyd. Also willing to trade for Tru Ball Short N Sweet OR Spot Hogg Wiseguy
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    ISO Climbing Sticks

    Looking for some climbing sticks, helium, muddy, or lone wolf. What’s out there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB Kestrel Size 2

    Looking to purchase a size 2 Kestrel, anyone selling?