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  1. tree_ghost

    Dropped a spur lol...

    Well I managed to do what I didn’t think I would. I have dropped a spur while at hunting height...I think I’ll just use my tether and single spur and lineman’s belt to work my way down. Any other suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. tree_ghost

    Kenetrec discounts

    Anyone have any discount codes for Kenetrecs? I need to get my wife a pair. OR another comparable lace up boot that is extremely warm? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. tree_ghost

    Another DIY kestrel clone

    First off let me say that without the resource of this site and its members who have given me a ton of help both knowingly and unknowingly and for that I say “thank you gents!” Ok so I decided to try and build a saddle after seeing several threads on the construction of one. There was only one...
  4. tree_ghost

    Sewing Machine ID

    With the rabbit hole of saddle hunting that I have gone down the next purchase in order is a sewing machine...I have an opportunity on a 1950’s Atlas machine but don’t have any other info beside that. I don’t have first hand access to it so I can’t retrieve the model number. Does anyone know if...
  5. tree_ghost

    Picked up some spurs...

    I got these spurs on a local sale for $30. It’s my first pair and I figured why not for a starter pair...I’m trying to identify the brand of these spurs so that I can get shorter replacement gaffs. There are no markings that I can find and my google search thus far hasn’t gotten me an answer...
  6. tree_ghost

    Fresh Meat Intro

    Well guys I was introduced to the forum from a fellow hunter who is about as pumped for saddle hunting as anyone could get! I stoped by his place to pick up a treestand and he gave me the grand tour of saddle hunting knowing that it is something that would fit my style of run and gun setups and...