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  1. jmball

    Cut down Hawk Helium failure

    I cannot stress enough to make sure you drill step holes in the proper location when cutting your Heliums. I had one stick that I thought I might have gotten too close to the milled slot. I used that stick at the base of the tree this morning in case of failure. I have climbed this stick several...
  2. jmball

    Wild Edge Perch new in box - Sold Please Close

    I bought a second perch for my wife to use. Looks like we may go a different direction for her platform. New in the box, never used condition. I only opened the box to get my replacement ropes for my steps. I paid $147 + $15 shipping when I bought it. $145 tyd.
  3. jmball

    1/4" Amsteel ropes for rope mod - PLEASE CLOSE

    3 ropes of 1/4" Amsteel with spliced eye sized for the buttons on the new version Hawk Heliums. They are 8' long from eye to end. Only been in the tree for a couple practice runs. I like them but I like the spliced daisy chains better. $45 to your door.
  4. jmball

    Saddle choices

    I have a Kestrel size 2 and find it pretty comfortable. My wife will be hunting from one this year, and I need to buy another saddle. I am trying to decide what I want for my other saddle. I am having a Wraptor stitched up tomorrow and I have a Preacher Seat/RCH setup, so I can wait on my new...
  5. jmball

    API Skyhook Steps w/ Straps - Sold

    I have 4 steps with original straps in good/very lightly used condition. Was going to use for a backup ring of steps, but wife needs a saddle. $80 tyd
  6. jmball

    Cranford Rope Steps - SOLD

    12 steps total. 8 are new, never used and 4 have been tested once on a tree in the yard. Bought them as a backup climbing method and now wife needs a saddle. So these have to go. $100 tyd if you buy all 12.
  7. jmball

    New member from Arkansas

    I found this site at the end of November while looking up tree saddles. Everyone here is very friendly and the DIY threads are amazing. I already made a DIY saddle following the design in the pulpit thread ( @noxninja ). I made my tether and lineman rope using some rope and carabiners from a...