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    Zero Trace

    Has anyone used the Wildgame Innovations Zero Trace PureIon machine? Is cheaper than ozone and supposedly wont harm gear like ozone. Just wondering how they compare. I know its not as good as playing the wind but where I hunt there is never a constant wind. It always seems to swirl at some point.
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    I was up at the Great American Outdoor Show last week and saw Tactacam up there. I had never seen them but it got me interested. Has anyone tried the 5.0 yet and if so what are your thoughts? I thought it would be great on a bow to see where I hit a deer at after the shot. Are lumenocks going to...
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    Patience and a Prayer

    I thought I would post this in hopes it helps someone else out down the road. I guess it could go in either the successful hunt or unsuccessful hunt category even though I don't believe there is ever an unsuccessful hunt! I was hunting a piece of private property in West Virginia. I drove...
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    Looking to get a dehydrator. Any recommendations for one to make jerky with?
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    Shot angles

    Looking for some advice. Was up about 20’ up in a tree Friday and Saturday evening. Missed a deer each time. One at 28 yards and one at 26 yards according to my leupold range finder that has the bow mode that compensates angles. The first one I’m pretty sure I shot over it. The second one I...
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    Mantis question

    Got my saddle Mantis today. Seems well built and I briefly tried it out. Seemed comfortable. Cant wait to test it some more. My question has to do with the leg strap hook up point. Is there 2 places on each side that you could hook up the leg strap to? If that is the case is one for leaners and...
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    wild edge with heliums

    Has anyone used a wild edge aider with helium sticks? Just wondering if there are any issues.
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    Black Gold thoughts

    Anyone use the Montana Black Gold sights? Looking at the Revenge model. Can anyone compare the Revenge to a Spot Hogg Hunter? Too many dern choices out there:weary:
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    Spot Hogg

    Looking to go from a single pin to a 3 or 5 pin sight. Ive been impressed with the Spot Hogg sights. Looking at maybe the Hunter or Grinder from them. Anyone have either of these or a preferance?
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    Fixed Blade Broadhead

    I have always shot the Rage 3 blade mechanical broadheads with my Mathews Z7 extreme. I have always had good luck with them. Next year a couple of us are going to Idaho on a bow elk hunt and mechanical broadheads are illegal. I want to switch this year so I have a year to practice on whitetails...