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    Predator Platform Attachment Methods

    Alright guys and gals, I got my predator in yesterday after over a month of waiting and it felt like I was a kid on Christmas morning! I got to try it out with the stock strap, and then also used one of my Amsteel/Dyneema daisy chains off one of my sticks. I found that both methods didn’t result...
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    Predator Platform Shipped!

    I got my Order Processing today at 12:54 AM, even though it actually shipped last Friday. I guess they’re behind on emails too lol but I’m just glad that I will have it tomorrow! Order placed on 9/13 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hawk Helium Sticks $99

    Hey guys, just ordered the new Hawk Helium Sticks this morning from Bass Pro for $99 (with taxes and free shipping it was right at $108) I was able to do this by calling their customer service and asking them to price match Mack’s Prairie Wings: https://www.mackspw.com/Hawk-1-PK-Climbing-Stick...
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    Climbing Method for a new Saddle Hunter

    Hi All, This is my first season in the saddle, and I'm slowly getting accustomed to it. I currently have 5 WE Stepps and use an aider. I'm not a huge fan, and am considering switching to sticks and selling my Stepps. Has anyone used both, and recommend one over the other? Thanks!
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    WTB Predator Platform

    Looking to buy a used Predator Platform. It’s my first season using a saddle and I’m pretty much broke now :)