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  1. Ryanp1212

    Kayak fishing

    There's gotta be some of you that kayak fish. Last year we sold the big boat and bought a nicer camper so I'm looking to get a decent kayak not a junk walmart model. Looking for any info or advice to what's good and what's not.
  2. Ryanp1212

    Eberlestock pack sale

    Got an email from eberlestock that there having a pack sale. I know alot og guys have interest in the frame and the x2. I seen the x2 in western slope color was only $120.
  3. Ryanp1212

    Titanium bolts sold please close

    Any interest in titanium bolts with heavy duty heat shrink I also have ez cut drill and nice toolbelt style holder I'd do 150 for whole thing Or 100 just for the 12 bolts
  4. Ryanp1212

    Modded climb rite spurs sold please close

    Less than 6 months old Wrapped in kryptek camo form 2in top buckle and 1 in lower buckle from strapworks 225obo paypal only
  5. Ryanp1212

    Recurve help

    Looking for some help from all you trad masters. I acquired my grandfather's old bear recurve. The string has no twist in it do I need a new string. Can i just twist it how and how much. I cant find much info on it like what brace height should be. I have a pse ghost cheapo that I've played with...
  6. Ryanp1212

    Tenpoint shadow nxt

    Bought this last year for my wife to use in november. Been in woods twice shot maybe 25 times. Selling because we have a subone and I bought myself a new vertix and she likes the subone better and me not being much for the crossbow hunting. It's got 6 of tenpoint premium centerpunch bolts 2...
  7. Ryanp1212

    New bow

    Now I've done it wife is going to kill me.
  8. Ryanp1212

    Spypoint micro link

    I know there's been couple threads on these and some guys recently bought them. I'm looking for some feedback and reviews from you guys that run these. I got flyer in the mail and I can get these for $90 next week
  9. Ryanp1212


    Seen couple posts guys asking for help starting out or new public ground. The hunting public just started an onyx series of videos and promo code for 20% off THP is the code. Lots good public ground scouting videos and series on onyx for guys getting started and/or looking into onyx
  10. Ryanp1212

    Quiver for recurve

    What type and brand quiver do u traditional guys recomend for my recurve. I've got an old pse ghost I've been shooting for last couple years feeling confident enough to take her into the woods this season. Let me know what u guys use
  11. Ryanp1212

    Looking for carbon or titanium bolts

    Let me know if u want to get rid of some
  12. Ryanp1212

    Any interest in badlands monster fanny

    I have an older monster fanny that I used one season been sitting in tote on shelf. If anyone has any interest let me know
  13. Ryanp1212

    Wtb predator platform

    I'm going to just order new one soon anyone looking to sell one let me know
  14. Ryanp1212

    Wtb predator platform/xop sticks for sale

    Shoot me PM if your looking to sell your predator I have 4 cop sticks bottomland camo all lock together with turn of the step. There are similar to lone wolfs hair heavier but the standoffs and steps are larger then lone wolfs
  15. Ryanp1212

    Wtt for tethrd predator

    I have size large guidos web Medium trophyline ambush 4 xop sticks Wanting tethrd predator platform and treehopper drill