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  1. TinesUp

    Muddy Stick Cam Cleat Slipping

    I have used mine for about 8 years now and have never experienced this issue. I have also had to put new ropes on them 3 separate times from using them so much. I hope mine don't start slipping
  2. TinesUp

    Black Friday cell cam deals

    Not a service problem bc I put covert right beside it with same provider and it worked fine when spypoint didnt but my problems are over bc they are no longer with us my buddy got mad and smashed them all. We went through 5 months of headaches with them. We live 900 miles from our missouri lease...
  3. TinesUp

    Finally stuck a booner with a bow

    Thanks he had 58 6/8" of total mass and a gross score of 168 2/8" I don't have score sheet waiting for drying period and not sure if I want to have him officially scored or not. I did have three different guys who have killed multiple deer over 170" score the deer and they were all within a 1/2"...
  4. TinesUp

    Black Friday cell cam deals

    Just stopped working, updated firm ware 4-5 times they would work for a few days then stop sending pictures. We would pull sd cards check pictures on lap top and the camera was taking pictures. Bought new sd cards formatted them and they worked again for about 5 days then went out again...
  5. TinesUp

    Finally stuck a booner with a bow

    Found him with the saddle set up but swapped to a lock on with frigid temps and wind chills below zero.
  6. TinesUp

    Black Friday cell cam deals

    As a club we bought 6 Spypoint Link-micros for our Missouri lease and all 6 have bit the dust since September. I run 7 covert code blacks in Mississippi and they have worked flawless. IMO save your money and buy something worth buying. Also spypoint customer service sucks.
  7. TinesUp

    WTB LWCG Ambush and Beast Sticks---Have predator and cash

    WTB LWCG Ambush and Beast Sticks---Have predator and cash
  8. TinesUp

    How many arrows do you take into the field?

    I always carry six, you would be surprised how many times I've heard stories of people shooting 6 arrows during the rut when they can't get a buck to stop
  9. TinesUp

    Buckstache - Who's in?

    I had a decent stache going last year
  10. TinesUp

    Florida buck down! “Smoked a MONSTER”

    Fine buck right there
  11. TinesUp

    Spypoint Micro Cellular Trail camera Anyone have one.

    we have 3 in north Missouri and all three work when they feel like it. I'll keep buying covert
  12. TinesUp

    JX3 Hybrid Custom Mods

    What DIY mods are yall making to the Hybrid?