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    Stihl 310. Its probably 17 years old now and still runs great. I dont think stihl can be beat.
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    Upgrade your Tethrd Mantis into a Tethrd Phantom (Amsteel prussik bridge)

    I bought 2 tri glides and some webbing from DanO. I'm gonna try that to see how the adjustable bridge works for me.
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    Making sausage

    Do you mean 165? Did you add any fat or pork to them?
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    Making sausage

    I have a pellet smoker that is going to be here tomorrow. I am planning on making some snack sticks soon. How did you cook yours? What seasonings did you use? I'll probably go with some from Hi Mountain.
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    First Lite Merino base layers

    I used the first lite this year for an elk hunt in Sept in Idaho. Works great. I also bought a pair of the Kuiu zip off's. The zip off's have been awesome just for the convenience of not having to take outer pants and boots off and on. I highly recommend the first lite shirts with the kuiu bottoms.
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    Pro Staff Announcement

    I'm sure auto correct will get blamed:rolleyes:
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    Front Shoulders - What Do You Do With Them?

    Check out the bearded butchers on youtube. They get a steak out of it and grind the rest. I just grind all mine into burger.
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    Webbing or amsteel?

    Why do you use a caribiner on one side? Couldnt 2 triglides be used with no caribiner? I am looking at trying the webbing and triglides since I just have the fixed 30 inch bride on my mantis.
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    Mystery Ranch Pop Up 28

    Do they make a child seat accessory that can be placed where the meat shelf is?? LOL. If they did I would buy one in a second. DSS would probably frown upon me using bungee cords or ratchet straps to keep my kid in. :flushed::fearscream::tearsofjoy:
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    Humble pie

    Look at the bright side. Your trail camera already has a picture of the big buck on Dec 22. You know where he will be. Go shoot him. LOL:grimacing:
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    Harrisburg outdoor show

    Wild edge is there. One of the people that makes the drill for climbing bolts is there also. The company that makes the sit/drag is usually there too. I didnt see anything else there last year. It is a big show and would be easy to miss things though.
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    Adjustable Webbing Bridge?

    Is there a website you have to get the sliders and webbing?
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    Aero Hunter Kestrel Flex

    I believe you are correct. If it kills them that information will probably never get passed along here. I haven't modified anything but if I did some of the mods on here and that was the reason I died my wife or nobody else would post anything on this site or anywhere else. I would be willing to...
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    Why we're going to a membership

    The issue that I see is over time the number of people paying to see the classified will drop off. Right now you can sell stuff quick because everyone can see it. If there are 9000 members now( not sure how accurate that number is) how many are going to pay $15 for the classified section? Once...
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    I hope facebook never becomes the place to go. If so I am screwed cause I aint got it and never will. I dont think this will be any nail in the coffin. I just dont understand the whole logic though. But its not my site so I dont have to I guess:)
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    If its about scamming going on then what is to prevent someone from paying $15 and still scamming people on the classifieds? I guess that could take some out but if you are scamming people out of a lot of money then whats $15 dollars to you. I guess I could just understand it better if it was a...
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    But why just charge to see classifieds? And why would someone pay to be in a contest where there is no prize?
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    I am with you. I dont understand this.
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    Zero Trace

    Has anyone used the Wildgame Innovations Zero Trace PureIon machine? Is cheaper than ozone and supposedly wont harm gear like ozone. Just wondering how they compare. I know its not as good as playing the wind but where I hunt there is never a constant wind. It always seems to swirl at some point.
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    Does anyone use OnX app?

    Well worth it. I just got back from an elk hunt out west. Our "guide" was brand new to the area and had no sense of direction. Without me having OnX we might still be walking around the back country. Very easy to use and the offline feature is great. Doesnt hardly burn any battery. Put it in...