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Search results

  1. Ryanp1212

    Card reader for iPhone

    I got an actual apple card reader from bestbuy that's been working good for last 3 seasons
  2. Ryanp1212

    What is best for a crossbow

    I've got a hawke with the speed ring and love it..crazy accurate out to 70 yrds
  3. Ryanp1212

    New pellet grill... what do I need to cook?

    X2 for green mountain love mine...did a brisket saturday made burnt ends out of the point it all turned out fantastic
  4. Ryanp1212

    Kayak fishing

    I was just looking at this have u had ot awhile or just get it
  5. Ryanp1212

    New pellet grill... what do I need to cook?

    Cover that drip pan with foil your going to cuse yourself when you clean that thing
  6. Ryanp1212

    New pellet grill... what do I need to cook?

    Beer can chickens are fantastic on it. Let me know how the brisket goes I've been wanting to try one o. It
  7. Ryanp1212

    New pellet grill... what do I need to cook?

    That's awesome my wife got me the Daniel boone I love it
  8. Ryanp1212

    Kayak fishing

    Thanks for all the replies. I'd like to have a hobie but I'm not ready to spend that kind of dough. Anyone try one of the accend yaks from basspro. Is a 12ft worth it or is a 10 foot good enough. Mostly lake fish I'm sure I'd hit couple small rivers.
  9. Ryanp1212

    Kayak fishing

    I seen that one I'd ha e figured for sure the seat was terribly uncomfortable compared to the ones with the lawn chair adjustable height style
  10. Ryanp1212

    Kayak fishing

    There's gotta be some of you that kayak fish. Last year we sold the big boat and bought a nicer camper so I'm looking to get a decent kayak not a junk walmart model. Looking for any info or advice to what's good and what's not.
  11. Ryanp1212

    Smoker Recipes Please!

    Cut back strap into 2 pieces take half and marinade it however you like leave in mari ade in fridge overnight. Wrap in bacon smoke it at 225 til internal temp is 145. So juicy cut into about 1-1 1/2 inch slices.. most amazing deer steaks ever.
  12. Ryanp1212

    Top Round

    I make Italian beast out of it. Easy to throw in crockpot before I go to work ready when I get home
  13. Ryanp1212

    Rabbit Hunters

    Dont have a beagle anymore..its been awhile but we used remote collars and had a bell on her collar
  14. Ryanp1212

    Black Friday Deals

    First lite just started 20-40% off sale
  15. Ryanp1212

    Eberlestock pack sale

    Do u like your transformer or would you rather have the x2..I want to be able to carry 2 sticks on each side my bibs coat muff and predator in the pack like I do now...i was just thinking of getting the transformer since i have the f1 if I ever go elk hunting or something I need to pack out
  16. Ryanp1212

    Eberlestock pack sale

    I think I'm going to get transformer since I have the f1 can you strap sticks to it easy
  17. Ryanp1212

    Let’s those favorite weapons pics...bonus if they are in use

    mathews custom shop vertix Burris oracle Qad dove tail mount drop away And beestinger bars Love it
  18. Ryanp1212

    Eberlestock pack sale

    Got an email from eberlestock that there having a pack sale. I know alot og guys have interest in the frame and the x2. I seen the x2 in western slope color was only $120.
  19. Ryanp1212

    Amazon Backpack

    I'm on my 2nd season with a condor urban go pack and love it.. think its 70 on Amazon
  20. Ryanp1212

    Predator Platform broke on me last night

    Well that sucks My season goes til January. I looked for a way to email tethrd but couldn't find it