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Search results

  1. Davis21

    Bow tuning

    How many times would you use a micro tune arrow rest? Is it worth the price difference?
  2. Davis21

    Foot fatigue

    1st year full time saddle hunting. Been in the JX3 all season and comfort isn’t an issue. Had first hang in regular saddle. Noticed my feet got sore pretty quick, is this normal or does it just take some time to get used too? Was wearing my Irish setter snake boots??
  3. Davis21

    Must have items.

    What are the absolute essentials to carry in on a morning/afternoon hunt? Then what “extra” stuff are you packing in?
  4. Davis21

    Daisy chains

    How many feet does it take make some daisy chains for climbing sticks? If I want 8 ft chains, what’s total length needed??
  5. Davis21

    Bridge options

    Which do you prefer for a bridge and why? Amsteel or webbing?
  6. Davis21

    Amsteel prussik

    Would Amsteel work for a Beal jammy replacement or prussik type knot? What y’all think?
  7. Davis21

    JX3 pack options

    Curious to how and what kind of pack y’all are running with this? I tried the Sitka fanatic pack and didn’t really like it. It will probably be going back to store. I have found myself In situations where I needed something and didn’t have it, but also in situations where I had too much junk and...
  8. Davis21

    Backing up srt repel

    What’s the easiest and safe way to back up a safeguard device. I like repelling down but have seen few posts discussing failure. I like the idea of having two pieces of equipment on parts that can fail and lead to disaster. Any thoughts?
  9. Davis21

    Rub line advice

    need some advice, I found this very very fresh rubline along a ridge top. I m guessing it was done last night. Probably 20-25 scrapes in total. I’m guessing it’s laid down at night. Given the topography how would y’all hunt this? Found the sign just need to dial it in.
  10. Davis21

    Yarak or Trophyline

    Between the two, is the yarak worth the wait and 100 bucks difference?
  11. Davis21

    Tree hopper vs Cranford

    Tree hopper bolt system vs cranford screw ins. Which you going with and why?
  12. Davis21

    For those that srt

    Trying out this method for first time this year. Got the throw line and climbing rope. Wondered if it would be possible to clip throw bag to climb rope and throw over limb and skip the throw line step and the pulling rope up step?
  13. Davis21

    Dan Infault Hill Country Bedding

    Anybody have a copy they’d part with? Can’t get his website to work..??
  14. Davis21

    Ozone totes

    May be a dumb question, but just want to clear my head on some stuff, if my way of thinking is right, ozone must contact the whole piece of clothing to clean. So if In plastic bin, seems like a lot clothing wouldn’t make contact with O2? Which wouldn’t really wash em very good? So y’all think...
  15. Davis21

    Single hawk helium

    Anyone know if anyone sells a single stick?
  16. Davis21

    Saddle dimensions

    May have been done already, but has anyone compared the flex fully open and the mantis dimensions? Length, width (depth)?
  17. Davis21


    I know this has been talked about in other forums, and the major downside is getting a throw bag over limbs in the dark,and maybe the sound of equipment. Seems like a easy way to get up in the canopy for cover but I have no expariance with it. Thinking about using a hand ascender with foot strap...
  18. Davis21

    Another platform option

    I’ve been exploring the platform option a lot, seems that’s there’s the market platforms, hand climbers, strap steps, wild edge steps, bolts, etc...saw some seat conversions. Seems like the most efficient would be the handclimber until limbs come into the picture. Diy seat platforms seem like...
  19. Davis21

    XOP conversion

    So I saw the ambush and my wheels started turning. Most platforms are back ordered but I saw some potential here with diy. Looking for some input on what y’all think. One option would be to use the seat as a platform, or 2. remove seat, cut down post rearrange the versa button and stand-off and...
  20. Davis21

    Hand climber platform

    Would it be feasible to use this for climbing method, and then when you hit a branch, just hang from saddle or jx3 and undo and reattach and continue up? What’s y’all a thoughts?