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  1. hauscaliber

    Buying a new saddle

    I have a Kite and I'll probably keep it unless I can get my hands on a Yarak or if Aerohunter decides to make a pleated Kite.
  2. hauscaliber

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    I'm hunting this weekend and there are some public lands around me still open in February. Although the chances are slim I would be able to upgrade my buck.
  3. hauscaliber

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    Yeah I've passed up on bucks only to regret it later. Now I live by the dont pass up something on the first day that you would shoot on the last. But in Florida we can kill more than one buck a year.
  4. hauscaliber

    One Stick Climbing: To Rappel or not Rappel

    I'm thinking about trying to rappel down after one stick climbing. Question for the one stickers out there:
  5. hauscaliber

    Muddy Stick Cam Cleat Slipping

    I'd be curious to see a close up picture of the cam teeth from the newer ones and compare them to the older ones to see if there's any difference. Can you snap a photo of one of them?
  6. hauscaliber

    Muddy Stick Cam Cleat Slipping

    I've seen several posts about the Muddy pro's cam cleat slipping. Just curious to see if anyone has tried sharpening the cam gears to increase traction on the rope? I realize this is dangerous so you shouldn't modify your gear, increased risk, etc. Just curious to see if anyone has tried it...
  7. hauscaliber

    Aerohunter Mesh Flex 2020

    I'd trade in my kite for a pleated one without thinking twice about it. To me that is what makes the Yarak so appealing.
  8. hauscaliber

    EZ-V Hunters

    Well it's a great sight for my hunting bow. Very intuitive for me. I shot about 20 arrows and knew it was staying on my bow. Killed my largest buck to date with it after practicing for about a week. If you decide to get it, shoot 3d targets to build confidence.
  9. hauscaliber

    My experience with Scent Control

    Scent control in Florida is nearly impossible during early season. This year I ignored any OCD scent control tactic and really focused on wind direction. Hunting the same areas, I ended up seeing more deer than ever and bagged a solid 10 point my best deer to date. Hunting in Florida is much...
  10. hauscaliber

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    We're ahead by 7 points in front of team 4. I feel like it's bottom of the 9th inning.
  11. hauscaliber

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    I'm curious as well. The first image I get is hunters driving around mad max style looking for deer along the roads.
  12. hauscaliber

    Newbie from Florida

    Another Florida hunter here. Welcome!
  13. hauscaliber

    SaddlePalooza 2020 - SIGN UP NOW

    I'm in this year. Only a few hours drive for me.
  14. hauscaliber

    What do you use to hang your gear in the tree?

    I currently use a strap with a plastic buckle but I'm thinking about trying this out...
  15. hauscaliber

    What size pack do you prefer?

    I've been using the Alps outdoorz pack for all my hunts this year. I removed the lumbar strap (it detaches) since I'm carrying less than 20lbs these days. So far I like it.
  16. hauscaliber

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    I use a pouch and hold my tether, a spare caribiner, and a strap to hang my gear. That's it nothing crazy. I normally walk with my pack and weapon on my back and a climbing stick in my hand. When I get to the tree I set my stick, tether up and start climbing. I've eliminated pull up ropes this...
  17. hauscaliber

    TEAM 8 Discussion Thread

    Let's get it team 8! Got another buck.... this should count as my doe for 5 more team points!
  18. hauscaliber

    2019 Deer Contest Submission Thread

    Another score for Team 8! I've already got a larger buck scored so this will be worth 5 points.
  19. hauscaliber

    New Kid from Florida!

    Welcome from another central Florida hunter! I use a predator and have no complaints.
  20. hauscaliber

    trad bow give away

    175 never hunted traditional but I've been thinking about it....