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  1. Matki15

    Saddle hunting at night

    Anyone here ever hunted in a saddle at night? I hog hunt all summer long at night, and my sitdrag would be perfect for setting up in the creek bottoms they’re always in. I’m sure there’s not much of a difference between day and night time saddle hunting but I figured some people on here might...
  2. Matki15

    Persistence pays off

    Thanks to everyone on here for encouraging me to keep at it after the season I’ve had. Wasn’t from a saddle, but I managed to connect with a decent cull buck this evening. Came out pushing two does, and managed to make the shot. I ranged it later and it was 220 yards, longest shot I’ve ever...
  3. Matki15

    About ready to call it quits

    Well this season has been a tough one so far. Between wounding what would’ve been my first bow buck, and then having a doe duck my arrow I was frustrated enough. But I decided I would stick with the bow and try to get another chance. I bought some new arrows, with heavier heads to help quiet the...
  4. Matki15

    Aluminum platform legs

    The last platform I had my buddy weld ended up solid, but heavy. I asked him to design/weld one out of aluminum this time to make one easier to carry around. The fab shop he works at doesn’t have square tubing so he said he would try to figure out something else for the legs. What he did was use...
  5. Matki15

    Amsteel whoopie sling for cranfords?

    Has anyone here taken off the stock ropes on cranfords and replaced it with amsteel? I’d like to be able to make a new rope that works better on smaller trees, as well as reduce bulk the bulk of the original ropes. Any reason this wouldn’t work?
  6. Matki15

    Let’s hope 3rd times the charm

    So after I shot a buck and never recovered it (believed to be a one lung hit) I decided to go back to the same tree tonight and try my luck again. Sure enough, a big doe and a yearling come out and start working towards me. At 25 yards they both turn and start walking out of the plot. I drew...
  7. Matki15

    Finally feeling confident

    First year saddle hunting, and first year not limiting myself to hunting over feeders every hunt. Been having trouble determining where exactly to set up, but I found this spot and decided to go for it. My first time walking into a spot sight unseen and so far it’s looking like it was worth it...
  8. Matki15

    Need some input

    Debating wether or not this spot is worth hunting at least once. It appears to be a small hardwood patch between a thicket and some mature pines. The blank pin is most likely where I would set up for an east wind. would this be where y’all would set up out of all the areas visible in the picture?
  9. Matki15

    Tired and frustrated

    Had a nice 7 point come in to one of my plots today, worked his way in from 60 yards and got about 30 yards away when he started to circle downwind of me. Ranged him right at 30, drew back, settled the pin and let it fly. Shot looked and felt great, but when I get down I can’t find blood. I...
  10. Matki15


    All summer long I’ve felt confident in getting a chance at some good deer this season. Decided to do one last scouting trip today and now I’m starting to get frustrated. First I managed to hit a good sized pig and couldn’t find it. All of the food plots are still bare dirt thanks to this...
  11. Matki15

    DIY tether and LB

    Built my own tether and lineman’s belt and just figured I would run them by some people with more saddle experience than I do. Tether is 9’ long made of Sterling HTP with 7mm accessory cord for a prusik. LB is 8’ Sterling with 7mm rope tied in a Swabisch hitch and a prusik tender. Both have...
  12. Matki15

    Arrow setups for 40lb recurve

    I have a one piece Samick sage recurve that is 40lbs at 28. For those who shoot lower poundage bows like this, what are yalls hunting arrow setups?
  13. Matki15

    Aider material

    For those of y’all who make their own aiders, is tubular webbing the standard material? Or could I also use standard heavy duty webbing or some 8mm rope I have laying around? Would using the webbing or rope make a difference in the quality or performance of the aider?
  14. Matki15

    3 step aider worth the trouble?

    After ordering 15 feet of tubular webbing to experiment with for a bridge I ended up with a long leftover piece and figured I could make a 4 or 5 step aider to use on my bottom cranford step. I didn’t have enough webbing so it turned into a 3 step aider. If I use it my first step is at the 5...
  15. Matki15

    WTB Hawk Helium cutoffs

    Looking for 3 or 4 cutoffs from hawk helium sticks. If anyone has some they’re willing to part with let me know and we can figure out pricing. Thanks!
  16. Matki15

    Hello from Louisiana

    I’ve been on this site for a month or two now and just realized I never introduced myself! So hello from Denham Springs, Louisiana! I was primarily a gun hunter but the past few years I’ve been bitten by the bowhunting bug. Looking forward to learning even more from y’all!
  17. Matki15

    Platform help

    Okay guys so based on a lot of people’s opinions on the treesuit platform I asked a buddy of mine to make one for me. Well due to a combination of lack of certain materials and a mix up in communication the platform I got is HEAVY. I believe the scale said 9.6 pounds. Other than just using it...
  18. Matki15

    Carabiner options

    Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, I couldn’t seem to find it. I’m currently working on making my bridge and tether, and I’m getting a little overwhelmed with all the options for carabiners. Which ones do y’all use and why?
  19. Matki15

    Carrying cranford rope steps

    If any of y’all are using the cranford rope steps, how are y’all carrying them? I’ve tried a fanny pack and that works okay but I’m curious if there’s a better way
  20. Matki15

    Excited to try to outsmart this one

    On a 3000 acre lease with 25 other hunters, most of which only rifle hunt out of box stands. Hopefully being able to hunt for a month before the rifles get a chance and being more mobile will pay off for me