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  1. hauscaliber

    One Stick Climbing: To Rappel or not Rappel

    I'm thinking about trying to rappel down after one stick climbing. Question for the one stickers out there:
  2. hauscaliber

    Muddy Stick Cam Cleat Slipping

    I've seen several posts about the Muddy pro's cam cleat slipping. Just curious to see if anyone has tried sharpening the cam gears to increase traction on the rope? I realize this is dangerous so you shouldn't modify your gear, increased risk, etc. Just curious to see if anyone has tried it...
  3. hauscaliber

    WTS Lone Wolf Sticks - Sold Please Close

    4 lone wolf sticks with 3 stealth strips in excellent condition. I only practiced with them a couple times with my son in my backyard. I thought he could use them but he's still a little too young. $150 TYD
  4. hauscaliber

    75' of New Samson Predator Rope - sold please close

    I bought 150' of Predator rope and decided to keep half of it. I've got 75' of brand new rope. $95 TYD Paypal F&F.
  5. hauscaliber

    WTB Knaider/Swaider Combo - please close

    Looking for a knaider / swaider. If you only have the knaider I'll also buy that on its own.
  6. hauscaliber

    2019 Hunting Season Bonehead Moves

    Thought I would start a thread for 2019 embarrassing hunting mistakes that tend to happen from time to time. A ruh-roh moment happened to me today when I climbed the tree and went to retrieve my bow with my trusty paracord. Didn't realize that there was a vine near the base of the tree that...
  7. hauscaliber

    Slick Trick Broadhead vs Shoulder Bone

    Shoulder bone 1 - Slick Trick 0 The buck I got this weekend was a quartering away shot where the arrow went thru the vitals and directly hit the inside of the opposite shoulder bone. The shoulder stopped my 450 grain arrow with a slick trick magnum. The steel ferrule and aluminum outsert was...
  8. hauscaliber

    Central Florida Hit List Buck *GOT HIM*

    Had this guy show up last night and checked the card on our first day of the season. I'm gonna start this thread and update as the season progresses to see if I can get this dude on my wall. Stay tuned and dont touch that dial! I'm hunting fairly close to development all around me so these...
  9. hauscaliber

    Muddy Pro Cam Cleat

    I'm looking over my gear and noticed the fastening of my cam cleat looks bizarre. I've only got one stick so I have nothing to compare it with. Can someone post what the correct fastening should look like?
  10. hauscaliber

    So Who's the Lucky Yarak Winner?

    I didn't get drawn so I was hoping to see if there were any winners out there.
  11. hauscaliber

    Need Help on Singer Thread Injector

    I've never used one but ran across this for sale and was thinking about buying it. If it works correctly, is it a good machine that can make a saddle or two? Any info on this brand/style is appreciated!
  12. hauscaliber

    Ridge Runner Info

    Not sure if anyone else posted this but I saw OOAL posted on Facebook warning owners to make sure they didn't have a defective ridge runner. I've got to commend them for posting this and not trying to sweep it under the rug.
  13. hauscaliber

    Using a Saddle behind a Treestand

    Looking for ways to hunt this year with my 10 year old during rifle season. I've got him climbing with a muddy harness about 10 feet up. Thinking of getting a treestand for him with me hanging behind him in my saddle. Any ideas on a good treestand for this? I'm thinking of getting a climber so...
  14. hauscaliber

    WTB Climbing Rope

    Looking for around 75' of Predator climbing rope to learn the DRT. Let me know if you've got any extra to help a saddlehunter out!
  15. hauscaliber

    SOLD - API Sky Hooks for Sale

    For sale is 6 used API folding sky hooks with lag bolts. $40 TYD
  16. hauscaliber

    Help me choose a good pack

    I'll be running a kite saddle, WE steps, predator platform, along with my other normal gear. I dont film hunts. I'm looking for a solid but light pack that will carry this gear in a minimalist fashion. Any good ideas out there?
  17. hauscaliber

    How to Prevent Amsteel Bridge from Fraying

    My amsteel bridge is showing the beginning signs of fraying. Does anyone else have this problem and what can I do to prevent it? I was thinking bow wax but dont want to mess it up.
  18. hauscaliber

    WTT WE Stepps for Muddy Pro Sticks

    I have new WE stepps and I bought too many. Looking to trade 4 for some muddy pros
  19. hauscaliber

    Wild Edge Stepps Left on Tree

    Anyone ever leave these on a tree for a week or two? If so, did they loosen up or start to rust?
  20. hauscaliber

    WTB Muddy Pro Sticks

    Looking for 3 or 4 sticks to add to my collection.