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    I got one late season and filmed a few muzzleloader does I killed, One was at 165 yards and dropped in her tracks and the other 2 were on the same hunt about a half hour between each other.On the first hunt I had a great film because I was thinking about the shot and actually filming it with the...
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    Grandsons Deer

    great story congrats!!
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    Thinking about presets for next season... Advice?

    I would only preset 2-3 for next year at most, the rest I will pack in sticks when I hunt
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    Thinking about presets for next season... Advice?

    my plan for areas I know i can leave presets are using a few of these, https://www.amazon.com/Guide-Gear-20-Tree-Ladder/dp/B003BUXMP6/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=tree+ladder&qid=1578501273&sr=8-4 The nice thing about a stick like this is its easily moved and doesn't weigh a ton. In areas I...
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    JX3 Hybrid Saddle

    You will love it I love mine, I had a Aero flex before and switched to this and man what a difference.
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    Molle pouches Please close

    ill take em
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    WTB Hawk Found some please close

    i have at least 4 .I ship them for $10 plus shipping
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    Sold please close

    I just bought the same pair last year,Great binos
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    Pack for JX3??

    forgot to put bag in the sentence. I use a bag made for a summit climber on the JX https://www.summitstands.com/summit-deluxe-front-storage-bag
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    Pack for JX3??

    After using mine for most of the season I don't want any more bulk in front of me effecting a bow shot. I put a summit climbing tree stand bag on mine and it fits the bill but I will be working on a better attachment point. I also heard that John was releasing a JX3 bag so I will take a look at...
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    When does it happen?

    Shoot what you want bud, but I would tend to agree with the other in saying break the ice with a smaller buck.That being said......You "missed" your target buck. To me that says you had 90% success because you fooled him and got within his comfort zone but just missed the shot. Believe it or not...
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    EZ-V Hunters

    This was my problem I feel, I used mine for a few weeks (shot about 300-400 arrows) but it never felt "right" to me.I feel if I would have started shooting first thing after season then it would be different
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    Finally From southern New York (Hudson valley )

    Welcome from Fulton, NY just north of Syracuse
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    New bow sight

    Didn’t care for it
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    New bow sight

    I am upgrading this year and bought a Xpedition Denali with a Hamskea rest but I need a new sight. I was looking at the Trophy Ridge line of sights but I was wondering what everyone used? I will be shooting some indoor league,3D and hunting with the same set up.I like multiple pin sights but...
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    New guy from NY

    Welcome from Fulton, NY
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    JX3 pack options

    cant wait to check out his pack Good to know. I would rather have a few side bags as I hunt closer to the truck on small woodlots but lately I have been leaving everything in my truck becuase I go back and get my sled to tote a deer out anyhow
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    My mom died this morning

    Very sorry to hear bud
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    Elite Synergy-sold —