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  1. sixty4sedan

    Teophyline Ambush Lite

    i was curious, thank you ill try that the next time I take it out
  2. sixty4sedan

    Teophyline Ambush Lite

    yes that is the only part of the saddle that makes noise when walking in
  3. sixty4sedan

    Hunting Buddy? Pictures? Stories? Favorite memories with them?

    The first time I went rifle hunting with a buddy, we were set up on the side of a corn field in tall crp. He was sitting facing north in a camping chair and I was at the top of a hill on the ground. He saw a coyote and pulled up to shoot and forgot he was sitting on a slope. Needless to say...
  4. sixty4sedan

    trad bow give away

    408, this is too cool
  5. sixty4sedan

    Has buying a thread injector for saddle building led to other outdoor projects?

    I can only imagine the time that you have invested in this, shoot the last time I had ot sew a button back on it took me forever.... never mind something as elaborate as this .
  6. sixty4sedan

    Hawk Helium Full Length

    On my sticks, I use my tether and make a sling for it and throw them over my shoulder . 1 less thing to carry in and up a tree
  7. sixty4sedan

    My new sticks

    those look awesome nice job
  8. sixty4sedan

    Has buying a thread injector for saddle building led to other outdoor projects?

    hats off to you, thats awesome work. The bag looks a lot more useful than what you can get in the stores
  9. sixty4sedan

    DanO is the Mano take three

    and this was assembled price or price for components alone?
  10. sixty4sedan

    Cuddelink trail cams

    I believe it had to do with the camera delay and cuddelink delay. if the camera delay is shorter than the cuddelink delay, it will take more pictures than its able to send. not allowing all photos to be transferred to the home camera.
  11. sixty4sedan

    Cuddelink trail cams

    I currently have the cell camera as my home camera due to the fact that its over 2 hours of driving to check cameras and the land owner/ buddy that also hunts there is too lazy to check them. As far as the terrain goes, you should be ok, when you turn on the cameras to set back in the woods, it...
  12. sixty4sedan

    Poor mans beast stick (Pictorial)

    id be interested in the measurements so i can compare to my stock sticks and see how everything lays out if possible, thanks
  13. sixty4sedan

    Poor mans beast stick (Pictorial)

    how did you do yours differently vs the others that have been done?
  14. sixty4sedan

    What’s in your hunting pack for a snack?

    I never go in the woods without a Cosmic Brownie ( may just be a superstition, but all the deer Ive harvested, decide to come out when I decide to eat it )
  15. sixty4sedan

    Cuddelink trail cams

    I have 4 spaced out on a 40 acre farm. For the most part I really like them. But it did take some time setting them up correctly. I had cameras that were taking way more pictures then what they were sending. After swapping out 2 sd cards in the cameras with the most pictures, I ended up...
  16. sixty4sedan

    Sold. Close.

  17. sixty4sedan

    Dump pouches

    is there a link where I can go to check these out ?
  18. sixty4sedan

    Stepps are coming...what now?

    Ive been using mine for about a month now and this is what Ive done so far 1.insulated steps to prevent noise 2. found what climbing method works best/ most comfort for me 3. practice - this step should also help with the initial rope stretch as well
  19. sixty4sedan

    Anyone know where to get Jeff Sturgis' deer movement calendar formula?

    I dont think its a calendar. From what I have watched of his videos, he targets wind speed change and tempeture to decide when to hunt.