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  1. sdonx


    I hit 1000...lol
  2. sdonx

    Aero Hunter Kestrel- Size 2- SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    $ 300.00 tyd. Everything shown plus what I can find in accessories, I have all in boxes in basement. Aero Hunter Kestrel Tree Hunting Kit - Choose Size: Size 2 - Waist measu.. - Choose Color: Camouflage - Tree Strap Length: 12 ft AHKIT 1 $337.25 $337.25 Molle Accessories for Kestrel...
  3. sdonx

    6 Beast Sticks with Amsteel Mod and Stealth stripped- SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Buy minimum 3 or 4 only. I have original buckles too... somewhere?. First generation. $90.00 each OBO, you pay shipping. UPS/ Fedex preferred. For faster response email me at frank@division15hvac.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. sdonx

    Carter Release Like Mike SOLD CLOSE PLS

    130.00 tyd Used one season only. Few scratches. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. sdonx

    My newly modded Kiwi carbons

    Can’t wait to pack way in and climb with them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. sdonx

    Ditch my linesmen

    I am all in on the Oplux band wagon for sure. I love the stuff. It has me reviewing my stuff again for not only weight but for compactness also. I am thinking of using my Oplux tether/ ropeman 2 set up for my linesmen's line and then switch it to my tether when at height. I carry a 1/4" Amsteel...
  7. sdonx


    Is seeing new content from the Hunting Beast and THP. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. sdonx

    I fell...well slid- Amsteel bury was not long enough.

    Using my newly created Ameristep/ amsteel steps with the timber hitch. I set three steps to pull a card. My top step let go and I slid down the tree. With only a tree burn on my arm and a rapid heart rate as a result, I landed safely on the next step down. I figured for sure the timber hitch let...
  9. sdonx

    My weekend in Nantucket

    Fished a great charity tournament this weekend. The giant bluefin tuna bite was hot to the east of Chatham. So rather than face the nasty seas south at the edge we fished east. We were heros the first day. Landed three tuna. Two giants and a small football. I was angler on the second tuna. Three...
  10. sdonx

    WTB Vortex Vulture Binos.

    I see them as low as $459. Figured I’d see if anyone wanted to unload their pair. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. sdonx

    Rechargable batteries actually all AA batteries

    Im starting to run alot of trail cams in three different states. I run energizer AA’s. Not the max’s. I dont think the cams run great with the rechargables. I remember reading this. Regular AA batteries are 1.5v- rechargeable are only 1.2. My eyes blured over on the Energizer website. Can anyone...
  12. sdonx


    Two days I haven't been able to access. Anyone else have issues?
  13. sdonx

    Anyone in Maine?

    Moosehead area? I'm looking to take my son up there Thursday to Sunday, and do some scouting and setting cameras, wondering about snow depth and the ability to walk around in the woods. Saddle map not working for me.
  14. sdonx

    What the croc!

    First time ever. Beaver creek Zachs Cabin. Someome shoot me Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. sdonx

    DIY short sticks

    Here’s a set I threw together pretty quick actually. I had a set of recalled Muddy pros so I used those tree brackets. I bought the steps from DanO. 1/8 alum tubing from Onlinemetals. Hardware from Mcmaster Carr. Cam cleats from ebay. Amsteel from Go2marine. Stealth stripped up. Now I need to go...
  16. sdonx

    WTB Two Muddy pro tree brackets

    For a DIY set of sticks I am making.
  17. sdonx

    Iphone X and onx hunt...burns

    First day of Ohio scouting went great...well except the continual rain. I scout hard thru all the thick stuff, thorns, swamps...whatever. So as my left thigh started hurting i figured it was a thorn and expected blood when i pulled off my pants at the end of the day. No blood but here’s my...
  18. sdonx

    WTB Mystery Ranch Pop-Up 28 - Disolve Bare Camo - Large

    I think this pack will be perfect for me. I can't find new. Will paypal ++$$ and send pre paid shipping label to make it easy peezy. Or maybe someone has a large and thinks they need a medium. They only difference is in the waist. Med=29-34/ large = 34-39
  19. sdonx

    Socks - Wiggy’s or Alpaca

    I need an upgrade in this area. I see alot on Alpaca - not much on the Wiggy’s Lamalite. What there is on the Wiggy’s is all good.(only two reviews) I have Wiggy’s sleeping bag that I love. There socks look like boot covers more than socks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. sdonx

    Platform and step ring

    Does anyone use both? Now I am new and practicing early and often. I have been only using a stepp for a platform, but I love the way I can dance around the tree when I pair with a ring. I am thinking of using three bullmans/ Ameristep's with the predator. Does anyone use both?