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  1. Gumbymedic

    Road King to Colorado

    Leaving Saturday on my Road King Special and heading out to Colorado to visit my son before he deploys to Afghanistan. I've had very little time to plan out this trip. I do plan to go through western Ohio, Kentucky, NW Tennessee, northern Arkansas, Oklahoma, very North Texas (by Amarillo), and...
  2. Gumbymedic

    ***WTB*** Traditional Longbow Quiver

    Looking for a 4-5 arrow quiver that will work with 5mm and 6mm shafts for a Bear Montana longbow. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. Gumbymedic

    A question for you trad hunters

    So, I've begun building arrows for my Bear Montana longbow and, being a new-b to the traditional world, I have a question. First some info: I have two arrows, one 400 spine @ 31 1/8", the other a 480 spine @ 28 7/8". My draw length is 26.5". I am running 175gn inserts w/ 25gn footer and 125 gn...
  4. Gumbymedic

    Bowtech Reign 6 ***Price Drop***

    Sight is SOLD Bowtech Reign 6 in Kryptek Altitude 60-70 lb RH in excellent condition. I love this bow but a shoulder injury forces me to sell. Includes Cabelas Demon S1 single pin sight, Ripcord Ace Micro Adjust rest, Truglo 9" Carbon XS Stabilizer and brand new custom made string with heavy...
  5. Gumbymedic

    SKB Double Bow Case ***Price Drop***

    SKB Double Bow Case model # 3i-4217-DB. Great, well made case that was used only once on an out of state hunt (and for a place to put some decals) The case is in excellent condition except for where the FedEx driver dragged it up my driveway on the side without the wheels! The minor scuffs (as...
  6. Gumbymedic

    OnX Hunt Premium and Elite

    OnX Hunt Premium and Elite memberships are each 40% off on Camofire today
  7. Gumbymedic

    Custom Wood American Flags

    Not sure if this post is in the right area; feel free to move it if it's not. Just wondering if anyone has any interest in these. I am a Gulf War Veteran and I make custom burnt wood American flags on the side with a portion of the sales going to help other Veterans. The flags are individually...
  8. Gumbymedic

    Missed him by that much

    Legal shooting time ended at 5:41pm Sunday night which is what time I got down... Then this happens Here is a better look at him
  9. Gumbymedic

    DRT in NW Ohio?

    Just wondering if there is anyone that lives within a couple hours of Toledo, Ohio that has enough climbing rope to DRT? I would really like to try it before making an investment... Thanks
  10. Gumbymedic

    Rappelling Help

    I will be using either one stick, WE Stepps, or a 5 step aider as my climbing method and I would like to rappel down. I just purchased a Madrock Safeguard and I am looking for rope/equipment recommendations. @boyne bowhunter gave me his gear of choice but I would like to get some additional...
  11. Gumbymedic

    WTB Wild Edge Stepps & Ropeman 1 PLEASE CLOSE

    Looking for a newer set of 5 Stepps with 5 Stepp Bag. I am willing to wait for new Stepps from Wild Edge so I won't pay a ridiculous price for them but I figured I would see if anyone wanted to get rid of a set. Also looking for one Ropeman 1 Thanks.
  12. Gumbymedic

    WTS Treelimb 3 Arrow Quiver

    TREELIMB 3 Arrow Bow Quiver in Realtree camo. LIKE NEW CONDITION -Made in OHIO -Quick detach mounting system -Vertical AND Pivot adjustments -Integrated hanging loop -Accepts carbon and aluminum arrow shafts Pictures won't load but I will send them via text $35 TYD (obo) with PayPal FF
  13. Gumbymedic

    WTB Predator Platform

    Looking for a newer Predator Platform. I have one on order with Tethrd (Oct 30 #15804) but it is still processing. Thanks to @blatallic I now have a saddle and accessories I just need a platform
  14. Gumbymedic

    Two deer in one day!

    Friday, November 23, it was the last hour of my last hunt as I only had a two week time slot for this particular spot. I had seen very little over the two week period. I had taken my one and only allowed buck earlier this season (see my other post NW Ohio early season buck) so I was on doe...
  15. Gumbymedic

    NW Ohio early season buck!

    10/6/18 Nice 9 point Ohio buck came in at first light and gave me a quartering away shot at 15 yds. You can't ask for much more than that. He ran about 40 yds toward the river and I heard a big splash but didn't see him come up the other side. As you can see from the pictures, I got to go...
  16. Gumbymedic

    Wannabe from NW Ohio

    I have been interested in saddle hunting for years, ever since I first saw a Guido's Web for the first time. I have watched and waited as new things hit the market. I just sold my Lone Wolf Alpha with sticks and I think I am ready to pull the trigger on a Mantis with Predator platform. I would...