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  1. slonstdy

    Going "micro" this season

    Up until today I thought I would never find another method of climbing that would afford me all the benefits of one stick climbing AND be legal on public land while not having the usual drawbacks like requiring extra equipment with the associated weight penalties or requiring presets or that...
  2. slonstdy

    Arrow rest suggestions

    After all these years of owning just a single bow at a time I finally decided to add another as a backup in the event my original bow somehow suffers a catastrophic event like being dropped out of a tree, slammed by a car door/trunk or even run over by a car! I know most damage can be repaired...
  3. slonstdy


    I'm slowly going over my gear and decided now's a good time to replace my bow string set before I commit to a final arrow build tune and I'd like to hear what you guys have used and either liked and would use again or feel you wasted the money and should have gone with something else. I've...
  4. slonstdy

    dynamic rope for one stick climbing?

    I am curious if anyone has tried or is currently using a dynamic climbing rope tether for one stick climbing? We all know (or should know) the inherent dangers of developing slack in our system especially while using this climbing method so I am thinking about picking up a length of dynamic...
  5. slonstdy

    New Years Eve gear clean out

    Have some unused gear taking up space: (6) Silent Approach steps - $50.00 tyd (2) dump pouches - $15.00 tyd (1) gear strap w/2 hooks - $15.00 tyd All items Paypal F&F
  6. slonstdy

    Medium Mantis - SOLD, please close

    Manufactured 12/18 Only used twice Comes with brand new never used Tethrd back rest $200.00 tyd Paypal F&F
  7. slonstdy

    Arrow building

    Over the course of the this season there has been quite a few threads started about arrow flight, penetration issues or failed components so I thought since the season is winding down for most of us now would be a good time to start a thread about arrow building. In the past I have ordered full...
  8. slonstdy

    Not a deer but...

    Yesterday storms came thru with heavy rains and strong winds knocking lots of leaves off the trees and sending small branches down. The forecast for today said there was the possibility of rain late in the morning for a few hours and 18mph winds with gusts up to 28mph steady throughout the day...
  9. slonstdy

    Mornings, afternoons or evenings?

    For many years I swore the best time to be out in the woods with the greatest odds of shooting a buck was those few hours that make up first light thru sunrise. The problem I feel with hunting at that time is I've bumped many deer while I walked in the darkness to the tree. I've changed my...
  10. slonstdy

    First deer from saddle

    Hunting from a tree on a shelf along hillside and known bedding areas within 150yds. Had a couple of doe come in this morning around 7:15 in heavy fog and only spotted them 30yds out but didn't have a clear lane with all the brush and small trees around me. They walked on my strong side 9...
  11. slonstdy

    Heated vest recommendations

    I'm looking to purchase a heated vest for later in the season when it gets bone chilling cold out. I've searched online and most seem to be cheaply made and the reviews are not that great. I did find a vest made by Ewool that looks promising but the price is kinda steep. What do you guys use and...
  12. slonstdy

    Gear free srt?

    For my hunts I've been one stick climbing up and rappelling down and it dawned on me what if I had to get down from the tree for a few moments in the middle of the hunt for some reason, maybe I dropped my phone or my gear grapple couldn't retrieve an item , or maybe to answer the call of nature...
  13. slonstdy

    Arrow weight/spine confusion

    I recently read a post here on hunting arrow weight and most agree around 500 grs is the sweet spot. I never wanted to go down this rabbit hole of bow/arrow tuning but here I am. So here is my confusion: My current arrows weigh between 416 - 432 grs, are 10.3% F.O.C. and are the recommended...
  14. slonstdy

    DIY platform version 2.0

    Here is the next generation diy platform that I am testing out. Similar in shape as the original, I focused on shortening the distance of the outer edge from the tree to reduce the effects of leverage against the legs and adding "foot holds" to help with mobility and aid in stabilizing myself...
  15. slonstdy

    Knot name?

    Can someone tell me the name of this knot? I've never seen this one before but I can say it is easy to adjust and holds well. It came tied to a carabiner like that from aerotribe on my kestrel bridge. Standard bridge is way too long so I'm planning on removing the carabiner and tie a figure 8...
  16. slonstdy

    Another DIY platform

    I saw this style of platform on here somewhere and thought what a simple design so I used my free time at work to come up with this. I made it out of 6061 1"x 1/4" aluminum flat stock and 1" square tubing. The platform is roughly 12" at it's widest point and 7" or 8" from center to tree. Best of...
  17. slonstdy

    First saddle hunt review

    DId my very first ever saddle hunt yesterday and want to share my thoughts and findings. Most of the experienced guys here probably already know this stuff but I'm putting it out for the newbies like myself and the soon to be's. The spot I hunted is a first time location with a mile walk in on...
  18. slonstdy

    Sitdrag belt?

    Hey guys got a question about setting up a sitdrag... Still waiting for my Mantis (ughh, curse you @g2outdoors!!:p) so I bought a sitdrag and a rch to saddle hunt before this season ends. I used a speedy stitcher to sew a linemans belt from 1" tubular webbing onto the rch and molle loops onto...