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    Large Platforms

    So in a week or so the large platform market has pretty much exploded. I think I have all the specs and prices below. Nice time to me in the market for a large platform. OOAL Ridgerunner XL 15"x14" 5.2LBS- $179 plush shipping Available now Novix/Trophyline Mission 17.9"x13.8" 5.4 lbs - $189...
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    Early Season Setup

    Well after some tinkering around I think I have my early season setup ready to go. Wanted to go packless so I added some suspenders to the phantom, got a stick mule system from Genesis 3D, and bought some pouches. This is everything I need to get up the tree and rappel down. Still have enough...
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    Ohio suspends NR Hunting and Fishing License Sales

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – In response to the public health situation with COVID-19 and the Ohio Department of Health’s (ODH) Stay at Home Order, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife is temporarily suspending the sale of non-resident hunting and fishing licenses until...
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    Genesis Printing Predator holder

    Just got this today from Genesis for carrying the predator on the back of your saddle up the tree. I will say that it fits nice and snug on my PHantom saddle and it holds the predator nicely on my backside. To remove the platform you have to turn it up a little so it slides out. I like the...
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    Scout Platform for 1" Sticks

    I see OOAL is making a platform for the 1" sticks. Has anyone tried one yet? https://doublesteps.com/product/scout-platform-1-ooal/
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    Cruzr Saddles

    Didn't know if anyone saw this company before. Supposedly going on sale at the end of this week. Saddle is supposed to be $165. https://www.cruzrsaddles.com/
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    Removable bridge

    I bought an Artic Body Suit and I am wanting to modify it for saddle hunting. My plan is to cut 2 slots in it for the bridge to go thru. Obviously a removable bridge is required. I live in PA so cold weather doesn't happen a ton to us, so hunting with the body suit would be limited. My plan...
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    Eberhart Signature Saddle

    What ever happened with this? There was some discussion about it, but I didn't recall seeing anything about it after that.
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    Converting Carhartt Coveralls to an Artic Shield Suit

    Ok. Might be a hair brained idea, but this is my thought. I am in Western PA so cold weather especially during bow season usually isn't too bad. Sometimes it does get pretty cold and I have always been tempted to buy an IWOM, HBS, or Artic Shield. Everytime I look at the price tag and I end...
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    Stealth Stripping Predator Platform

    Just wondered if anyone is Stealth Stripping the Predator Platform. If you did what parts did you do? What size strips did you order? Was it worth doing?
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    Hunting public Episode 27

    Anyone see that they blurred out what I assume was maybe a new prototype saddle from Tethrd? Wondering if anyone else saw that or knows if it was.