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  1. J

    I like picking your brains on mapping.

    Anything catching your eye for a few days of a hunt in the rut? Can access from the roads on the North and East side. Not seeing a lot of pinch points. No time to check the property before hunting it.
  2. J

    What stands out

    What stands out in this section of a property? Access is from the west, which is a County Rd. The black line going across is an access road. The north waypoint is a real good rub line. The south waypoint is a beaten down deer trail. If you were to approach this property in the rut what...
  3. J

    Burnett County - Wisconsin

    Does anyone hunt public land in this area??
  4. J

    Burnett County - Wisconsin

    Does anyone hunt public land in this area??
  5. J

    Burnett County - Wisconsin

    Anyone hunt public lands in this area of Wisconsin?
  6. J

    One more for the pros....

    I understand boots on the ground, observation sits, etc. But because this is a mapping thread I want to post one more in the forum for people who don't mind looking at maps and giving their opinions. This 1500 acres. Swamp/Marsh and woods (some oaks). Primary food sources are going to be off...
  7. J

    Where would you pay the most attention to?

    I've hunted this property for two seasons. No significant hunting pressure on this part of the property. About 100 acres. I just started running some trail cameras so hopefully will get a better idea of whats around soon. I've only seen 2.5 year old bucks so far. Only bucks I've seen have...
  8. J

    Tethrd Phantom vs. Cruzr XC

    Has anyone compared the two? Thoughts, concerns and/or recommendations? I have the Phantom now but been hearing great things about the Cruzr xc.
  9. J

    Age of Buck

    How old do you think this buck is? 2 1/2?