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    please close

    Size 1 kestrel flex (previous version) in broadside. Has adjustable amsteel bridge.$200tyd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Please close

    4 LWCG compacts. Includes 4 of their buckles and original packaging $400tyd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Anyone have a aerohunter or tethrd recliner for sale

    Looking for 2 recliners. Either aerohunter or tethrd preferably. Thanks.
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    Latitude Method for Cruzr XC size 2

    I've got a brand new buckleless method, looking to trade for a cruzr xc size 2. Preferably new as the method is brand new. Thanks.
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    Boot squeaking on painted gear.

    Hey guys, I'm usually not one to paint my gear, I decided to do it on a platform and it looks great. But with wet boots, I'm getting some good squeaks. Is there anything I can apply or use to get rid of the squeaking? Or am I better off just stripping the paint?
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    Looking for 4 20" beast sticks

    Looking to purchase 4 20" beast sticks. Let me know if you have some for sale. Thanks.
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    Looking for Lone Wolf Assassin

    Looking to purchase another LW Assassin platform. If you have one please let me know, ready to purchase. Thanks.
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    Ambush Teeth Mod From Andrae D'acquisto

    Hi Guys, I was talking with Andrae on Facebook and brought up the issue of the Ambush making noise on harder bark trees. Within the next couple days, Andrae plans on making of the video for this process, but essentially you grind the Ambush's teeth down to a 45 degree from the top down. This...
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    Sold, close please

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    WTB assassin platform

    Looking to buy another assassin platform, if you have one let me know. Thanks.
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    Black Gold Pro Series Single pin w/ Dovetail

    Black Gold Pro Single .19 single pin. Has the wing truss dovetail to make it lightweight. Used for less than 2 months, only wear is on the sight wheel, visible in the last photo. Has all original sight tapes, unused and original packaging. An awesome sight, I just switched to the 3 pin version...
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    sold close

    Used last season, never had an issue with this platform, just decided to get a bigger platform for this season $145 tyd Ships next day.
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    sold close

    3 sticks, were only used 2-3 times last season. $115 tyd with versa straps. Ships next day.
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    Carter Wise choice 3 finger

    Carter wise choise, Excellent condition. Has a brand new thumb barrel on it as well. Probably the best thumb trigger on the market, I just shoot a hinge. $180 TYD
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    sold please close

    $300 tyd. Used but still in perfect functioning condition, good cosmetic condition as well. Ships next business day. f&f or add 3%
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    Sold please close

    Brand new Black Cruzr XC size 2. Made less than 2 weeks ago. Only tested once. $260 tyd
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    Huge Gear Dump ( Shikars, LW assault, Lone wolf Sticks, assault hang, Releases, broadheads).

    All prices TYD, will ship next business day and provide tracking. - 4 -17" Shikars with 18" cables aiders - $320. Great condition - 3- Full length LW sticks - sold - 4 - Hawk Helium mini sticks- sold - 3- 150 Grain cuthroat broadheads (Left bevel) - Good condition, still shaving sharp- sold...
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    Xop mini stick mods (lay flat, No added parts)

    I've been wanting the packability of LWCG sticks but have not been able to get ahold of them, so I've been checking out different stick options attempting to recreate what makes them packable. Essentially it is a rotating stand-off that allows the stick to lay flat. Ironically with the XOP...
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    To those who use Shikar Sticks

    I just picked some up the classifieds and tested them out today; Two things I noticed off the bat. -These things flex like Twizzlers when you're on the top step and one foot is on the stick IE: stepping onto/ off the step. -The shikars smell like the strongest grease known to man. I assume...
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    WTB 4 LWCG compacts for $450

    If you have some for sale let me know. Thanks.