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  1. Bama_Xander

    Found a video of Ropeman Failure (unclear if it is a ropeman 1 or 2)

    In this whole discussion, I am reminded of the great quote by @Nutterbuster that resides under @Red Beard signature "Is this safe?" No. No it isn't. You're climbing a tree with a loaded weapon in a place where it's hard to get an ambulance. You should be mistrustful of the whole enchilada."...
  2. Bama_Xander

    What did you buy today?

    All the Thanksgiving food.
  3. Bama_Xander

    Need some input on shot

    Disregard previous comment. I see you found him. Congrats!
  4. Bama_Xander

    Need some input on shot

    What angle? Broad side or quarter too?
  5. Bama_Xander

    Team 9 Thread

    The funny thing is the longest shot I’ve ever taken with my 7 mag is around 100 yds. Most under 50 yds. :tearsofjoy:
  6. Bama_Xander

    Team 9 Thread

    I was interested in it for the lighter recoil. My 7mm mag kicks like a mule.
  7. Bama_Xander

    Safety Reminder

    Another reminder that it can all change in one moment and hunting can be very dangerous. This is sad for him and his family. Remember to practice your safety protocols all the time...
  8. Bama_Xander

    Team 9 Thread

    I am really interested in the 350 legend. How do you like yours?
  9. Bama_Xander

    Found a video of Ropeman Failure (unclear if it is a ropeman 1 or 2)

    My wife and best friend have my shared location all the time through my iPhone. It’s a degree of accountability in my marriage and safety when hunting.
  10. Bama_Xander

    Hello all

    Welcome from Bama!
  11. Bama_Xander

    Lighted Nocks

    I use nockturnals. I have been pleased with them. This is not an area you want to skimp and buy Chinese knock offs. It is a very important part of the process in archery. This is the thing that touches the string and will be absorbing all the energy.
  12. Bama_Xander

    Found a video of Ropeman Failure (unclear if it is a ropeman 1 or 2)

    So is that just a really expensive tender?
  13. Bama_Xander

    fall arrest question

    Best video on the internet.
  14. Bama_Xander

    The No-Shame Thread

    I did keep my Lone Wolf stands.
  15. Bama_Xander

    The No-Shame Thread

    I used that climber and it was nice. Not having the bar in front was awesome for bow hunting. But I had too many occasions when I couldn’t find a tree a climber would work in so I decided to go all in for the saddle. I did sell it and kinda go back and forth on that decision.
  16. Bama_Xander

    Found a video of Ropeman Failure (unclear if it is a ropeman 1 or 2)

    Testing in a saddle situation would be good to see. That would be much better data than what was presented in that video. The big takeaway and something I always try to practice is don’t have large (or small) amounts of slack in your rope, especially during fall likely times (i.e. getting on...
  17. Bama_Xander

    Found a video of Ropeman Failure (unclear if it is a ropeman 1 or 2)

    This is apples and oranges on that video. He is testing to Fall Factors that just won’t be reached in a saddle hunting situation. See pic below and article. We are top roped and do not get above our contact point...
  18. Bama_Xander

    New from Virginia

    Welcome from Bama!
  19. Bama_Xander

    Venison Osso Bucco

    Had the leftovers for lunch. I wish I could post the video to show the tenderness and fatty/silky texture. Something magical happens to the silver skin, connective tissue and tendons. Here are some screen shots from the video.