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Search results

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    One Sticking with Shikar Mini

    Not 100% sure but can check
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    One Sticking with Shikar Mini

    Yes there is you could. Keeping it where it is on mine keeps it away from the tree and is easier in my opinion to get into it especially in the dark
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    Grizzlystik.com samurai factory seconds

    Picked up 12 of these just came in and they look pretty awesome
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    Got my target buck!!

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    Layering paint and stencils

    Mine are still going strong!
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    Looking for discount code to D.i.c.k.s sporting goods

    You should try and find the blind somewhere that supports what we enjoy. lots of reasons not to buy from them IMO. dont have a code but happy to try and help u find it cheaper else where if you share what your after
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    Latitude Method giveaway!

    Thanks for the chance!
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    One Sticking with Shikar Mini

    A little harder to see but here is mine
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    Timber ninja sticks

    Putting some feelers out to see if anyone has any of the timber ninja sticks for sale
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    Wtb Mantis MicroFit Adjuster

    Like the title says looking to purchase 1 or a couple Lost one of mine recently. thx
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    Wtb Talon Micro Triple Arm (KIT)

    Want to buy fourth arrow Talon Micro Triple Arm (KIT)
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    Wtb Montana deer decoy

    Looking to try this out let me know what ya have Would really like the freshman buck and a doe if possible but open to others as well thx
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    Waders for deer season

    I have those Dan’s froglegs and they are awesome, even if you’re just busting brush I just need higher for a few spots
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    Waders for deer season

    I’m from Michigan as well, was going to put a leafy suit over them In hope to make them more quiet but maybe they won’t be much of an option
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    Waders for deer season

    Sorry should of mentioned don’t want neoprene
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    Waders for deer season

    Hey hoping to find someone that may have experience with one or both of these waders (or open to others as well) I hunt a few areas that require waders (creeks that have too many down trees to navigate a boat or kayak down and are deeper than my hip waders) high and dry breathable Waders Sitka...
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    Diy latitude

    Awesome job
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    Mantis comfort mod

    Pics prob help
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    Mantis comfort mod

    Anyone that has a mantis and has issues with comfort (specifically riding up) also issues with it staying up while walking in I highly recommend doing a battle belt mod both these issues above were very frustrating and since adding srt and having the rope roll pouch added to my saddle it...