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    For sale or trade: Irish setter vaportrek 11.5 real tree

    used but in great condition. No holes. Still waterproof toe to top. can text pics. $80 tyd
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    3d printing

    anyone have a 3d printer? I have a request if anyone is open to it. Seemingly easy piece
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    climbing spur mods

    I got climbing spurs for the upcoming season. climbrite ultras to be exact. I am having the absolute worst time trying to mod these things. I have the webbing for the top (2 inch) I purchased a couple buckles but they ended up not working. I don't have a sewing machine so I was trying to come up...
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    ISO mystery ranch pop up 18

    in search of a mystery ranch pop up 18 any pattern. new or used thanks
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    solo scout order update

    I ordered my solo scout on the 13th of this month, just got my first update. says order has been shipped but my tracking number doesn't work. must not have been picked up yet and the label was just generated. either way, I think this might beat the 3 week lead time. im stoked!! hoping it comes...
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    hello guys, new to this whole saddle thing. the wealth of knowledge on this site is ridiculous. actually my cup runneth over when im trying to filter out what I need to know now and what I should hold off and learn a bit later. I came across a used mantis. everything seems fine. chose a...