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    Oplux with TRC distel hitch: how many top wraps do you use for tether or linemans?

    I had same problem switched to michiocan hold tight tends easy. I am 260#.
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    fall arrest question

    I use two paracord loops with castration bands.
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    Diy latitude

    You could but when u loosen it up to climb it falls off.
  4. O

    Diy latitude

    Really well
  5. O

    Diy latitude

    I did make the pouch.
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    Diy latitude

    I have made 5 saddles before this. Some were noisy some uncomfortable, last couple were flex panel. Wanted to try 2 panel due to both hip implants and L1 - L4 fusion. This is much better.
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    Diy latitude

    Made a knock off latitude. Really like the comfort so far. Will take it hunting tomorrow.
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    ? Latitude method belt knot??

    Here's my diy.
  9. O

    ? Latitude method belt knot??

    I just diy'd that saddle and used a Blake's, works great.
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    Just doing some thinkin here...

    I made the angled one in previous pic. Yes second one i made i lessened the angle and did add some bracing. Both are solid and I am 260#. The angle makes a world of difference to me.
  11. O


    Ok thanks for the help
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    Where are you getting clips for 2 panel saddles to hook together for walking in?
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    Am I crazy or do y’all do this to?

    If I did I wouldn't tell anyone. HAHA!
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    Got it done!

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    Sling Style Saddle Build

    OK thanks, great build along. You got skills.
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    Sling Style Saddle Build

    Where do you get your D-rings?
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    Favorite YouTube hunting channel

    The hunting public Live to hunt
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    Custom Platform Suggestions

    I did one out of steel tubing, actually 3 of them finally settled on 6" angle 20 degrees. This pic is one with i believe 30 degrees.
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    What Accessories Should I Buy?

    I would start with 600 spine arrows. Glove or tab, arm guard.