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    Team 2 - 2020 discussion

    Shot a doe last night. It's been 2 years since I've turned the .308 loose. Shot her at like 75yards she ran directly to me. I watched her see me at like 5 yards but it seemed like she wasn't going to turn so I shot her again at like 5 yards. Almost from the hip lol kinda awesome, kinda...
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    2020 Contest Submission Thread

    Team 2. 10 points . 2 spikes
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    Team 2 - 2020 discussion

    Yup. Second one caught wind of the first one and got skittish. Button hooked out a good ways. Still caught it between the last rib . Exited right behind the shoulder.
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    Team 2 - 2020 discussion

    Might be a double lol does it count if I shot the second one when I was 3 feet off the ground? I was still in my saddle
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    Team 2 - 2020 discussion

    Might have just smoked my first Saddle buck. Might as well be a doe but hey lol. Gonna finish my coffee and check my tactacam and see what happened. Hopefully go track him and ill update you guys
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    Canon Vixia HFR11 w/ sd card + Muddy basic camera arm + Dano OCB strap $100TYD

    damn, real interested in that. is it still available?
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    New from Central Virginia

    Welcome from orange va
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    Team 2 - 2020 discussion

    Central va. First year saddlehunting.
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    Weak side shot OOAL solo scout

    yea I put the scout up. uncammed but semi tight. put the steps on. one of the steps is always alittle close to the buckle but it works. sometimes I end up putting a little bit of my weight on the step and the buckle. then tighten and cam down. loosen your tether a little and you can walk around...
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    Weak side shot OOAL solo scout

    Add 2 slotted squirrel steps and walk around to the other side. Thats what I practice
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    Deer God....

    lot of eyes there, but if I can get drawn...elky mchumanhands is going full mount in my bedroom
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    Bowhunting in the rain?

    its so tempting to hunt on rainy days. like others have said , its such a high probability chance of movement if the rain stops or even slows down real good. the blood trail thing is serious though. also wet deer on wet leaves, when its raining is like trying to catch a fart in a tornado.
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    So I checked my trail camera yesterday while scouting..

    And if he left a 20. It would mean 15 bucks on a camera. Because come on, atleast 5 of those bucks have to be duplicates...
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    So I checked my trail camera yesterday while scouting..

    And if he left a 20. It would mean 15 bucks on a camera. Because come on, atleast 5 of those bucks have to be duplicates...
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    Your 2020 Gear Dump

    Popup 18 Thermacell, grunt tube, kill kit, headlamp, windicator hoodie or jacket. Climbright aluminums strapped to top. Mantis saddle Es pouch left side: lineman and tether. Extra carabiner Es right side: hys strap, buckle to solo scout while climbing. 2 slotted squirrel steps Solo scout...
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    2020 Contest Entry Thread

    I'm in
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    Maine Black Bear From A Saddle

    is that a grizzly? is it scent marking a tree? what is that behavior? I have so many questions
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    Prayer Request

    i will let him know if i see him soon
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    Prayer Request

    I'm a parts guy for diesel fleet vehicles. Pike electric is a power company headed down there to you guys from va. To be specific there is fred..an older gentleman with a heart of gold and k9 a retired k9 cop from wva. These are just a couple of the guys on the way to help you all. Lineman...
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    Falling alseep

    I sleep hunt. Thats my style. I wake up to squirrels staring at me just above my head. Had an eagle scream so close to me one time I almost josey wales'd him no scope style with a .308. I figure a deer down on the ground shouldn't be to bothered. I also came into this saddle thing with the...