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    Timber ninja sticks

    Putting some feelers out to see if anyone has any of the timber ninja sticks for sale
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    Wtb Mantis MicroFit Adjuster

    Like the title says looking to purchase 1 or a couple Lost one of mine recently. thx
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    Wtb Talon Micro Triple Arm (KIT)

    Want to buy fourth arrow Talon Micro Triple Arm (KIT)
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    Wtb Montana deer decoy

    Looking to try this out let me know what ya have Would really like the freshman buck and a doe if possible but open to others as well thx
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    Waders for deer season

    Hey hoping to find someone that may have experience with one or both of these waders (or open to others as well) I hunt a few areas that require waders (creeks that have too many down trees to navigate a boat or kayak down and are deeper than my hip waders) high and dry breathable Waders Sitka...
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    Mantis comfort mod

    Anyone that has a mantis and has issues with comfort (specifically riding up) also issues with it staying up while walking in I highly recommend doing a battle belt mod both these issues above were very frustrating and since adding srt and having the rope roll pouch added to my saddle it...
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    Couple Michigan public land

    Hoping to catch one of these guys slipping up this week
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    Predator cobra weave

    Hey just a quick question on cobra weave for the predator platform any recommendations on on length of paracord to distance around the predator. for example 3:1 5:1 etc hope this makes sense Appreciate the help
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    WTT predator xl for predator gen 2

    Like the title says Want to trade my xl predator for your gen 2 You pay shipping for both items I made this same trade a week or so ago on the forum to get the xl, sat with it a few times. Item works great just doesn’t fit on my pack as nice and don’t want to change out packs
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    Cranford scaffold ring of steps for sale

    Like the title says $50 tyd f&f
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    One stick help

    Alright so I have been practicing a bit with my one stick and srt climbing system and had a question for some of you that are more experienced with this method. I am climbing with a shikar mini with aider today was the first day I attempted to climb in damp conditions. The tree was about the...
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    Cabelas gortex Jacket

    Have a cabelas made in USA jacket $80 tyd f&f or add fees Fits like a big large small xl Size stated on tag is m tall
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    Oplux knot

    Hey all looking for a little advice. Just received my oplux for srt and was wondering what knot everyone was tying to the triangle links to be used as a girth hitch thanks
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    Wiggys fishnets

    I’ve got a xl shirt and xl pant for sale $80 f&f or add 3% sadly I got fatter and need a large size No rips or stains Size xl
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    WTB Madrock safeguard

    Like the title says thx
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    Michigan public land buck

    Got the first one of the season for me. buck came in with a smaller 6 point and 8 point this one was bossing those two Smaller bucks around right below my tree. I was just 2 sticks high and shot him at 5 yards maybe less lol. he ran 25 yards then stopped to look around (didn’t know what hit...
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    Lone wolf and muddy camera arms

    $100 shipped pp gift or add 3% for the muddy arm $169 shipped pp gift or add 3% for the lone wolf arm lone wolf has a sunpak fluid head on it and an extra arm for more extension muddy arm is stock pic I Can get an actual pic if you need later, but not too much to show haha
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    Petzl ring open pair

    Petzl ring open $40 for both shipped Features & details INTENDED USE: The RING OPEN gated ring is designed for semipermanent connection of equipment. SIZE AND STRENGTH: This carabiner has a 11 mm gate opening and a major axis strength of 23 kN. EASY TO USE: The wide opening makes it easy to...
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    Lone wolf hand climber seat

    Like the title says I add foot straps/bungee Strap that connects to my saddle Incase it slips Added heavy duty rubber that is taped to increase the angle for easier climbing paracord wrapped $150 shipped pp gift or add fees tested the system in the back yard get the straps etc right and...
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    First lite vapor stormlight rainwear jacket Asat

    Brand new with tags Size medium $175 shipped