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    Noisy. But fast

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    Deer transport

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    I was trying to figure out membership renewal. Many of us will need to renew so here is an instruction link Saddlehunter.com membership...
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    A fall noted on facebook. A comment I saw.

    Attention Fellow saddle hunters. I was hunting on Friday evening in my saddle and my Tethrd broke and I fell 15-18 ft. I was hunting public land and a guy who I talked to before I walked in was able to help me. Please don’t assume you know what gear I was using because I am a gear head and...
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    From genesis 3D printing

    I never saw this before but it looks like a great way to carry WE steps. Maybe it has been posted before. Not sure. https://genesis3dprinting.com/collections/new-products/products/wild-edge-steps-quiver Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Just a note to pray for people in Texas

    This was from Facebook. And TX5. Matthew Tompkins This is CarlaJo (Matthew’s wife) I just wanted to give a personal little update. As most of you know we live in Southeast Texas. Our little town will be taking on a direct hit from Hurricane Laura which is going to be a strong Category 4...
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    One stick video

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    Secret tethrd stick used while one sticking

    This is a great one sticking video. I like the nite eze idea and that stick is cool. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Another good review. Saddle draw too

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    TX5 review

    Really Matthew Tompkins is the Carroll Shelby of saddle making. Customization is his game. Like Shelby he is a designer always looking to make things better. Like Shelby he likely does not charge enough for the customization. He showed me some things he’s designing and he is an innovator. He...
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    Dumb thread injector questions

    Well I tried using a sewing machine tonight for the first time. I repaired a few things tonight. What thread and needles do I need for what purpose. I see on line Kevlar thread. Expensive. Is that what I want for webbing. What needle do I need. Is this thread injector any good. Sent from...
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    An ultra tech type rope

    So I ordered some of this to try. I will let you know what it is like. It is white but very economical. 5/16 is $1.44 Canadian. Or $1 per foot US. I would like try it on a safeguard. Bit is off spec like Oplux. I would use a French prussic backup like I did last year with Oplux. Has...
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    Dyneema cheap

    It is great for Canadians. Located in Ontario. For the USA shipping in a small quantity you are better buying from EWO. But if you order over $200 shipping is free. They have an American office too. Dyneema. 0.87 $. Can. 1/4 inch. Or .65 US...
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    Oplux alternative. Any comments about this rope.

    https://www.riggingwarehouse.com/customer/petrco/specpages/New%20England_KMIII%20Specs.pdf This rope is much cheaper than Oplux, made for rappelling. Slightly heavier, much cheaper. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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    Knee pain and a saddle

    One thing saddle hunting can do is create knee pain especially if you have arthritis in the knees . Trees against the knees, even with knee pads creates pain. The whale tail on the JX3 is the only excellent way to prevent this. Anyone using something unique to get the knees off the trees in a...
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    Recon review and a draw for a free saddle

    Another good review from MADHUNTS. I have to say I like the recon and I did get a deal by buying two because I could not decide which bridge to get. I gave the other one away but first lent it to a few Canadians to try so their was no benefit to me. I would concur with Mark that if funds were...
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    A real DIY traditional bow

    Hand carved. Four foot long arrows. Five foot bow. Bamboo string. I traded a ball cap for the bow and arrows in 2001 in a remote part of New Guinea. The guy I got it from was a minimalist. He was wearing a gourd and no shoes and no scent control. His foot wear provided stealth. Super tough...
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    For guys wanting to order a Cruzr.

    I got this email tonight Good News! To all our friends and supporters that have become part of the Cruzr family, As many of you know, we have had to limit the number of orders we can accept in the past few weeks due to an overwhelming demand for our product line. In order to keep our valued...
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    Hot. Weather turkey hunting.

    Out turkey hunting this am. 70 degree presently. Going to be 90 degrees this pm. Turkey season ends May 31 And I have one tag left. I hear nothing this morning. So you got weather guys. What should my plan be Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Turkey down. Yesterday. Finally

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