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  1. J

    SOLD Wild edge yarak size 2

    Hey guys, got a yarak size 2 for sale. In great shape just too big for me . 309 tyd
  2. J

    Making the predator have better traction

    I love the predator, however I slip a bunch with my Irish setter boots. Anyone got a good idea how to add traction to the platform? Thanks
  3. J

    LWCG Ambush Vs Trophyline Mission : My review

    This has probably been talked about, but I figured I'd share my review in case there is anyone out there interested in purchasing either. First up, the Trophyline mission. Pros : STURDY, I mean it is clear to me that they had the intent to make this thing beefy and indestructible. When you put...
  4. J

    How are you all getting your bow up the tree

    I know this has probably been discussed but I can't seem to use the search function very well in the forum. I am curious how everyone is getting their bow up the tree with them while saddle hunting? I have used a rope for years and I cannot stand it. It gets tangled on branches, tangled in...
  5. J

    How would you handle this sort of sale?

    Question for everyone. If you bought a saddle off someone and hated it the minute you sat in it, would you ask the individual who sold it to you for a refund and ship it back or is it now your responsibility to resell it? What if the saddle was advertised as very comfortable, but the minute you...
  6. J

    Anyone doing any mods to the LWCG ambush?

    I got a chance to use a LWCG ambush yesterday and really liked the overall size and weight of the unit. What i didnt like was that I could not for the life of me get it to "lock" down the way my predator does. Eventually after pushing on the sides it started to loosen up on me. Has anyone...
  7. J

    CONGRATS to the guys at Tethrd!

    So I saw someone post last night on facebook their order list for the new phantom and a bunch of other saddle gear from Tethrd. Their order number was 154675. I ordered mine on 2/26 at 4:20 pm and was order number 152114. So in 24 hours, they had at a minimum 2561 orders in ONE day. If everyone...
  8. J

    Should I join this lease ???

    Guys, looking for advice. I'd like to identify as a run and Gunner, but at the end of the day I like to kill big bucks. I have an opportunity to join a hunt club for still hunters here in Virginia that totals 7000 acres with a focus on mature bucks. They have a TON of rules, pretty much...
  9. J

    My honest review of 4 different saddle types

    Hey Guys, I decided this hunting season to jump in head first with saddle hunting. The following are the four types of saddle set ups I have tried so far and my opinion of each. Type 1: RCH and single/Double sit drag. This is the first style I tried and I originally staretd with a single sit...
  10. J

    Will I be better off with a different brand?

    Hey Guys, I purchased the trophy line ambush set up the other day. Two hunts in, I have tried everything imaginable to make it comfortable and i just can't seem to get it worked out. It's bulky and fairly heavy, but I could deal with that if it was comfortable and between the hip pinch and...