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  1. Jay_Disarray

    Best double step sticks on the market?

    EWO sticks are hard to beat. Spendy, but American and well made. The standoffs are the best in market imo, hold to the tree and give your feet a bit of space. You can get them in just about any length.
  2. Jay_Disarray

    Safeguard rappelling

    Was totally my fault, shortcuts are dangerous. Learned my lesson
  3. Jay_Disarray

    Sold...EZV Bow Sight $85 TYD!

    thats a steal on a great sight!
  4. Jay_Disarray

    Safeguard rappelling

    I'm not sure how to explain it proper, I had pretty much lifted the carabiner end of the safeguard, that stops the piece from clamping down on the rope internally
  5. Jay_Disarray

    Safeguard rappelling

    I had a sketchy incident happen, it all happened so fast, but from what I can tell, this is how it happened. I was using oplux and a safeguard with my saddle stuff to show my little bro how I 1stick up a tree while we were camping. I reached the top and was getting ready to come down, I think...
  6. Jay_Disarray

    Advice on Small game weapon

    Hmm I didnt realize 410 rounds were scarce. Havent shot one in years, just have find memories of taking it into the woods.
  7. Jay_Disarray

    Advice on Small game weapon

    get a single shot break action 410, something you can pass to one of them as their first gun when they reach that age. good little gun, simple and easy for smaller people and kids to handle. they can use them for small game, birds and with slugs take deer with it, very versatile
  8. Jay_Disarray

    Glow painted my stick

    oh for sure, its not my idea at all. i was actually looking at this stuff (below) to do them in next summer. From the reviews I've seen and read it seems to be almost extraordinary in both brightness and how long the glow lasts. This is only a pigment and still needs to be mixed with paint...
  9. Jay_Disarray

    Animals caught on camera doing amazing things

    That's one sneaky dude
  10. Jay_Disarray

    Glow painted my stick

    Picked up some glow in the dark paint the other day, it was like $2 for a bottle, I didnt expect much tbh. After a few nights of hitting it with a flashlight in a dark room and then seeing how long it glowed, decided it worked well enough for what it is. So today I cleaned and painted some of...
  11. Jay_Disarray

    The things we find in the woods...

    still not a fan haha
  12. Jay_Disarray

    The things we find in the woods...

    Nah, I'd rather not catch a weapons charge and worse than that, possibly lose hunting privileges because I'd prefer to carry while bow hunting. It's not as much people I'm concerned about around here, I've been shot at but it wasn't intentional. I always felt pretty safe in the woods until...
  13. Jay_Disarray

    The things we find in the woods...

    Wish we were allowed to carry during archery hunting in MN
  14. Jay_Disarray

    Buckle on H2 saddle

    Did you ever wind up replacing the buckle on that H2? I'm curious if one could just replace the male connector to at least have single side adjustability
  15. Jay_Disarray

    Original gangsters

    i just got done watching this a half hr ago
  16. Jay_Disarray

    A different Rappel Rope organizer idea?

    looks like a neat idea. i could use a few of those around the house for hanging extension cords too
  17. Jay_Disarray

    Jokes and Memes - NO POLITICS

    Merry Christmas ya animals
  18. Jay_Disarray


    I'm not scared or anything, was just a general question to see what others were doing since I had the thought and had never really seen anyone mention it. Lots of machismo in here
  19. Jay_Disarray

    New Saddle Found at Walmart Today

    i dunno if id trust the bridge loops on it
  20. Jay_Disarray

    The Wild Edge Battlement: A First Look & Review

    Was just about to share this, following for more experienced opinions