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  1. Wirrex

    Making sausage

    My dad and I made almost 100lbs of meat yesterday. The women did help pack bags and clean. We did a million brats, a bunch hamburgers with his new patty maker (which was slick), and the rest we ground with beef fat. I’m sore from the hand crank stuffer but other than that I’m happy with a full...
  2. Wirrex

    How far would you realy shoot?

    I think the sound is way more of a factor than it’s made out to be. Sound is fast.
  3. Wirrex

    Sub 3lb platform build

    lol exactl!
  4. Wirrex

    Slick Trick 100 magnum

    Wife mandated “spending freeze”... Damn. Someone will enjoy these great heads!
  5. Wirrex

    Sub 3lb platform build

    That’s money duuuuuude!
  6. Wirrex

    Looking for new headlamp

    ^ This. I bought my first this year after a ton of research. Totally satisfied. Coming from petzle’s and ledlenser. You will not be disappointed.
  7. Wirrex

    Stone Glacier Avail Users

    I have one. I use it for travel and just a general backpack. I don’t use it for hunting because I prefer a smaller and more quiet pack in a tree. I have an xcurve frame with a couple Stone Glacier bags that I use out west so I don’t use it there either. It is a very well made and a thought...
  8. Wirrex

    Climbing platform this year?

    I don’t understand why there’s a need for perfectly strait trees with a hand climber. Obviously, strait trees are easier but that is the case with every method out there. Limbs could be a problem but add a two step aider and you cross them with ease. In my eyes the only downsides to the lwhc...
  9. Wirrex

    Hunting Hoody

    I really like zippered pockets. I hate getting them full of bark and junk from the woods. Nobody offers a garment that checks all my boxes...
  10. Wirrex

    Hunting Hoody

    Interesting, who’s going to try it first?
  11. Wirrex


    I had success unless it was windy. I did not like lugging the equivalent of a surfboard through the woods.
  12. Wirrex

    Rub my feet

    Solomon Quest.
  13. Wirrex

    Light season and mid season bibs

    I have been using firstlite Northbranch bibs for years.
  14. Wirrex

    crazy idea: torso wrap to prevent draft in saddle and mimic bibs somewhat?

    Cool idea! But, I would just buy bibs because they are great. If they are too warm then buy another pair!
  15. Wirrex

    Legitimate Concern?

    I never thought about it until that^ thread. Granted, I haven’t done anything to change it either. I am more aware I guess. I haven’t seen a great solution that works with rappelling, something removable at height.
  16. Wirrex

    Favorite platform for no sticking?

    Oh, I am! But the aider let’s you start above the big base of the trunk so there are fewer belt adjustments. It also makes traversing limbs a breeze.
  17. Wirrex

    Favorite platform for no sticking?

    LWHC with two step amsteel aider. Before that I used two of my old klemz platforms with the same two step aider.
  18. Wirrex

    Prusik Knots are There for a Reason or Newbie Lesson Learned

    This is a GOOD thing! It’s the best way to learn. Also, it gives you major confidence in how safe you really are now. Plus it demonstrates how easy it is to recover compared to your typical safety harness.
  19. Wirrex

    Mission cleat

    Very interesting! I would like to do this to a couple platforms.
  20. Wirrex

    Windproof glasses

    I would try to find snowboarding/ski goggles I bring mine out when the ice fishing gets brutal. Maybe something your glasses fit inside.