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  1. Jay_Disarray

    Glow painted my stick

    Picked up some glow in the dark paint the other day, it was like $2 for a bottle, I didnt expect much tbh. After a few nights of hitting it with a flashlight in a dark room and then seeing how long it glowed, decided it worked well enough for what it is. So today I cleaned and painted some of...
  2. Jay_Disarray

    civivi knives

    I had a conversation with my BIL several weeks ago about knives, and he seemed to be fairly knowledgeable, to a novice like me with what to look for in a quality knife. I have several knives but they are all what i would consider junk knives, cheap hunting and fleet store knives. He has a couple...
  3. Jay_Disarray

    Duck Annihilator 9000

  4. Jay_Disarray

    Versa Aider (price drop) sold

    Catch and release on this versa aider, not my thing. Afaik it was only used twice by me, guy i got it from picked up 2 and sold me this one, new 25tyd in lower 48 (edit:now 20tyd)
  5. Jay_Disarray

    DIY sitdrag saddle sold plz close

    Got these pieces for eventually making a saddle but never got around to working on it, and changed my mind. Adjustable Bridge: 6ft Sterling Canyon C-IV 9mm rope 3ft Sterling TRC prusik Sitdrag assembly with taped loops (no sewing done to sitdrag itself) Tethrd Sys Hauler ES 45tyd for lower 48
  6. Jay_Disarray

    20'8" of Oplux (sold plz close)

    I wanted a rope with a little more size, so I got a different tether and rappel line. I originally bought 30ft of this oplux, and used it for my rappel line with safeguard. I cut the top almost 10ft that was used to hang and climb from off, and it is now my lineman. This is the bottom...
  7. Jay_Disarray


    So i watch a bit of arborist, tree climbing and rock climbing videos and often times safety videos come up. One thing they always mention is that they wear helmets or some sort of head protection, which got me thinking, in all of the videos and discussions specifically for saddle hunting, i dont...
  8. Jay_Disarray

    Catch and release items (plz close)

    Picked up a stick, but I lucked out and picked up a predator as well so I dont need the scout and dont care for multi step aiders,so I'm reconfiguring the stick OOAL angled scout for 1" tubing SOLD EWO slotted step with 2 step aider SOLD EWO woven daisy chain with a couple gear clips (was...
  9. Jay_Disarray

    sitdrag failure

    I'm curious if in all the time people have been using the Sitdrag if anyone has actually had a failure of one. I don't mean the straps or whatever, the actual assembly itself
  10. Jay_Disarray

    Wtb predator (found plz close)

    Yup, looking for a predator platform, whatcha got?
  11. Jay_Disarray


    Catch and release on this modified LWHC
  12. Jay_Disarray

    Deer attacks boy

  13. Jay_Disarray

    Sitdrag backrest

    I picked up a sitdrag not too long back, I taped up the loops so they aren't so wide and are a bit more rigid, and added an adjustable rope bridge. I clip the bridge of the sitdrag through the same biner my main bridge for my h2 goes through, and man does it make a huge difference. Takes a ton...
  14. Jay_Disarray

    LWHC first sit impressions

    I've tried a DIY platform, angled OOAL sticktop scout (its a great product!), stick step top, squirrel steps and treehopper steps, all of which are good products, but you have to find what works for you. Recently i traded a pretty slick little one stick setup for a LWHC seat from a member on...
  15. Jay_Disarray

    Kydex release aide holsters

    One thing I neglected to mention the other day because of embarrassment was while I was waiting to look for my deer, I somehow had lost my release. I managed to find it the next day, so it wasn't a loss, but it got me looking for solutions. A simple washer over the camera wrist strap that was...
  16. Jay_Disarray

    Latitude Method

    does anyone have the dimensions of the Method saddle from bridge loop to bridge loop?
  17. Jay_Disarray

    string tracker

    so during a conversation with a fellow member of the SH community about the doe i lost the other day, he recommended trying out a string tracker. has anyone else on the forums used them that could offer advice or insight to their experiences with using it.
  18. Jay_Disarray

    WTT Frankenstick for LWHC (traded plz close)

    I was gonna wait till the end of the season, but I think I'll take a few weeks off to recover my bruised ego and hit it again, so here goes. Its the post off of a muddy pro, with EWO ultralight anodized standoffs, an angled scout on top and a EWO angled standoff on bottom and EWO button. Comes...
  19. Jay_Disarray


    I picked it up last fall from a fleet store for like $40 and used it for like 5 hunts, but it's not for me. Plenty of molle attachment spots, chest strap on the straps and pockets. $30 tyd
  20. Jay_Disarray

    Water bottle pouch (Sold)

    Rothco water bottle pouch FS, thought I'd like it but it's not for me, never been in a tree even. 20tyd