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  1. Wirrex

    Aluminum Delta Link

    Is anyone using aluminum Delta links instead of the steel for tether attachment? Are these safe for cross loading like we do? I want something that isn’t going to rust after repeated use.
  2. Wirrex

    WTB LWHC Seat

    I’m looking for one to try out. Is anybody interested in selling theirs?
  3. Wirrex

    Hunting Hoody

    Why isn’t there a beefy hoody for bowhunting? Think something like a Sitka Dakota but in a quiet material. I would kill for a quality piece like that. Something with an awesome hand pocket and half zip would be perfect. Pit zips would be ultimate. Anybody know of anything? This is the Dakota:
  4. Wirrex

    Binocular Harnesses

    Outdoor Vision Ridgetop harness in Multicam with rain cover: $75tyd https://outdoorvisiongear.com/collections/frontpage/products/ridgetop®-bino-harness
  5. Wirrex

    Platform Aider

    I have been wanting to try this for a long time and apparently I’m late to the game. Seems like a few guys are single sticking and adding platforms to the top. Instead of the stick I took one of my klemz platforms and added a two step aider based off of one Red Beard posted. It is phenomenal! I...
  6. Wirrex

    I’m Back and Looking for Gear!

    I had to take some time off the forum, all my hobbies actually, due to a very busy schedule. I had been deemed “essential” and working overtime on nights was rough but it looks like I got a little break and and back on days for a while. Remodeling my house with any spare time I have had been a...
  7. Wirrex

    Grivel Twin Gate Carabiner

    Is anybody using these or have any experience with them? They have several different models and a couple different kinds of gates. I use petzl Williams screw locks which I like but are not good for wet and freezing conditions. Plus I could save some weight. Any input...
  8. Wirrex

    Cold Weather: Puffy Vs Sanctuary/Incinerator

    I have got to upgrade my cold weather gear. What I am considering is something like the Stone Glacier Grumman puffy pants and jacket vs the cold weather outer wear like The firstlite Sanctuary Or Sitka Incinerator sets. I have plenty of good outer shells and think I could get more use out of a...
  9. Wirrex

    Personal Property Presets

    The house we are buying is situated on 20 acres of good huntable land. I am going to be setting up several trees and am wondering what guys are using that won’t be damaging to my trees with repetitive use on this small piece of land. I am a run and gun spur guy, sitting in a different tree...
  10. Wirrex

    Big Boot Late Season Platform

    I was struggling with my klemz platform and my big winter boots. It’s finally time to chop up that Lonewolf stand. I poured cup of coffee and got to work this morning. The results aren’t too bad for less than 2 hours of work.
  11. Wirrex

    DIY Electric Heated Clothing

    This idea has crossed my mind several times and with all the thread injector types on here I figured that I would start a thread to kick ideas around. Basically, I have a lot of Milwaukee products, including power supplies for batteries, but no heated clothing. I want to purchase a heated piece...
  12. Wirrex

    Sticky Spurs

    Does anyone else have issues removing spurs while climbing? I have Climb right tree gaffs and on most the trees I climb they are really tough to remove. Is there something I can do to make it easier? Smaller steps maybe?
  13. Wirrex

    DIY Spur Shin Cups

    After going through a crisis of listing my aluminum Climb Rights, then deciding to keep them, I chose to fix their shortcomings. I had super pads and the factory bottom strap and was never satisfied with the packability. Also, I could never get them tight enough. It’s a rain day today so I...
  14. Wirrex

    Custom Climb Right Aluminum Spurs

    I am selling my Climb Right aluminum spurs. They have tree gaffs, custom light weight aluminum shin cups, and also the original weaver super pads which are extremely comfortable. The straps have been replaced with webbing and buckles. There is a little vet tape on the shank. Also included are...
  15. Wirrex

    Guns that Won’t Group

    Winchester Model 70 ultimate shadow 30-06 ss Zeiss conquest 4.5x14x44 Bell and carlson medalist stock Dnz scope mount Has anyone come across a gun that simply won’t shoot factory ammo? An Idaho mule deer hunt has me at it again. I have been trying to get my only rifle to put a group...
  16. Wirrex

    Kelty Commander 2500 Pack

    The bag has been used but is in great shape without tears or stains from a pet and smoke free home. It has an internal frame, storable hip belt with pockets, adjustable shoulder straps, and sternum strap. It has a main opening with bladder pocket and small zip pocket. Smaller opening contains an...
  17. Wirrex

    Warm Weather Fleece (type) Saddle Material

    I have been looking around for material to make a fleece saddle that is more breathable and cool for early season. Does anyone have any experience with a fabric that will work that is also quiet?
  18. Wirrex

    Bow Press DIY or Buy

    Being a DIY guy it’s driving me nuts that I can not service my new compound. (Used to be trad only). I was going to build a steel version of this...
  19. Wirrex

    Dovetail Bow Sights

    So, I have a Mathews triax that needs a sight. I am pretty much set on getting an HHA kingpin with .010 pin. I can’t decide if I want to get it in dovetail or standard mount. I have never seen a dovetail first hand so it’s tough. I am primarily a WI whitetail hunter but I take a trip out...
  20. Wirrex

    Introducing The Banana Hammock

    This has been on my mind for a while. Quick testing shows it has potential. I run a minimalist RCH and this might replace the sitdrag in my system. There’s no doubt it’s the lightest (2.7oz), most packable, most breathable, and most stylish saddle ever conceived. Lmao.