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  1. SG843

    ? Perry County Indiana Residents ?

    Any Perry County Indiana Resident members on here? Planning on doing a Shed/scouting trip. Having some trouble with rental car logistics and prices due to area. Long shot but anyone have a beater/farm style vehicle that I can rent for a weekend. Will and can show proof of Insurance and such...
  2. SG843

    Old Public Land Trophy

    Was able to take this trophy on 10/20. Decided to head out despite the warmer weather and chances of rain. Work has been crazy and got an unexpected break, so got to get it while you can. Checked the winds and came up with a game plan. Decided on a spot that I've had good luck and success in...
  3. SG843

    Blast from the Past (? old stands, old memories anyone?)

    I know that most of us are into weight reduction and enjoy the engineering and techy side of saddle hunting but............ Scouting/shed hunting led to my annual visit to one of my first bow stands. This stand actually implanted the wisdom into me to start using a rock climbing harness while...
  4. SG843

    Public Landers, Ohio

    Anyone heading towards SE Ohio this fall? Planning on doing my usual Solo annual trip. Curious if anyone else is doing the same. Give No and expect No details on area (have my own) but would be nice to possibly put some faces with names if luck would find ourselves within areas. I have often...
  5. SG843

    Video Camera suggestions

    Guys, tried the search options with no joy. Sure it's been asked and discussed before so sorry if duplicated. I am in need of a small HD digital video camera. Not the professional type but the smaller everyday kind. I know there are some with better low light capabilities then others...