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    help on ooal pre set solo

    Dang it man. that's perfect! really appreciate it!
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    help on ooal pre set solo

    well can not post pics as file is to big
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    help on ooal pre set solo

    I have a strap and what seems to be a ocb buckle, I received with my order . For the life of me I can not figure out how to thread this thing . it is not like Danos ocb buckle but I am going to try to see if I can post pics for reference. Any help for a struggling dude will help and is...
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    Battlement From Wild Edge & OOAL

    Just get it!!!!
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    Quiet Bolt Carrying Case

    What type of platform are you using with your bolts as a climbing method?
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    Do you carry a first aid kit? What's in it?

    I just put a solo hunter's first aid kit together this past weekend. I started thinking that most of the land where I hunt I am mostly in remote areas where cell service is not always reliable (AT&T - should have went with Verizon). I usually only walk about 500 yards to maybe the most 2...
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    Arrow build for Whitetail and Black Bear

    That is plenty, I shoot a 540grain arrow at 170fps from my recurve at 52# which would take down any North America big game animal. SHOT PLACEMENT IS KEY on any animal.
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    New Georgia Saddle Hunter

    welcome from Valdosta, Georgia
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    Hello from Georgia

    will be hunting at Grand bay if you want to meet up tomorrow.
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    Hello from Georgia

    actually everything above tifton is now considered north GA. lol! Hello from Valdosta!
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    New to Trad bow stuff. Help a noob!

    Welcome to another money pit, lol! A good beginner bow would be to decide if you want a long bow or recurve. Longbows I have found are more forgiving with less than solid release. Recurve bows are just cooler, IMHO, LOL. if you're use to shooting 50lbs compound, you may want to start at...
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    Favorite morning set up

    I set my ROS!
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    Favorite morning set up

    I hear ya on morning hunts! I've actually been hunting more on the ground these days than in a tree do to cover.
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    Tips for hand drilling?

    Nutterbuster has a good YouTube video tutorials on his channel, may want to check them out!
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    Tips for hand drilling?

    When I am facing a basketball size tree, I drill at knee height, at my 2oclock position then my next bolt is at my 10 o'clock position using my knee height on the first bolt I drilled, and just repeat process up the tree to your desired height or until out of bolts. I put my ring of steps 1...
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    Screw in Steps vs Hand Drill and Bolts

    For the money, bolts win! For the ease of use bolts win! https://www.amazon.com/Ameristep-Step-Up-Tree-Steps-Pack/dp/B01N3WBMAA/ref=sr_1_24?crid=3RCXNWYNGY124&dchild=1&keywords=screw+in+steps+for+tree+stand&qid=1605106406&sprefix=screw+in+steps+for+tree,aps,214&sr=8-24...