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  1. kbetts

    For the hog guys

    One of the best stories ever. https://www.tradgang.com/tgsmf/index.php?topic=95367.140 You‘ll have to back to page one to start the story.
  2. kbetts

    Post season workout encouragement thread!

    To be fair....I skip eating mid day a lot.
  3. kbetts

    Creed 28” cam for sale or trade

    A buddy of mine needs a 27”. The local shop has one, but seeing if anyone needs to swap. This the special edition lost camo cam. Trade or $75.
  4. kbetts

    Post season workout encouragement thread!

    Breakfast is the most important meal. My girlfriend has a Masters in nutrition. Two pints of water at wake up, then you can have coffee. The body needs protein out of the gate. I force myself to make two eggs, maple turkey bacon and half an avocado....with hot sauce of course. Takes less...
  5. kbetts


    36” bottom is skinny. It’s going to rock like crazy.
  6. kbetts

    Arrow rest?

    I prefer drop away rests. Switched to a biscuit, but unless you can hold on target (follow through) well past the arrow leaving the rest, your accuracy will suffer. The arrow stays engaged until the entire shaft passes through.....makes it super easy to ruin a shot in my experience. Not that...
  7. kbetts

    Would snow camo stand out too much during early season?

    RIT dye. Make it whatever color you want.
  8. kbetts

    Suggested WMA to hunt hogs in South Carolina

    Anything close to the Savannah River watershed. I believe this is the original “location” of wild hogs. Estill, SC I’ve been to twice. There was a trad only camp there. It may be called “Wild Things” now.
  9. kbetts

    Ethics inserts

    Gold Tip = 2117 aluminum collar cut to whatever length needed. I typically will go with a 1/4”. Where it makes a difference.......helping to prevent an insert from busting through the shaft wall. Most specifically when bone is encountered and the buried shaft bounces off every tree in sight...
  10. kbetts

    Feather templates

    If there is interest, at one time I would grind raw feathers and send them back to the owners. I can at least get the quill down to a manageable size for trimming/cutting. I’ll try to format a pic of my grinder.
  11. kbetts

    Turkey Gun Build & Pattern

    2 3/4" lead 6's all day long out of a full or super full. No way I'm spending that $ on 5 shots. It's a 20#, slow moving bird......get it inside 40 and shoot it in the face.
  12. kbetts

    Limb Legs or similar

  13. kbetts

    Limb Legs or similar

    Trying to remember how I did pics...lol
  14. kbetts

    Limb Legs or similar

    Stand by....
  15. kbetts

    Saddlepalooza 2021

    I always said that if we had hogs in Delaware, I’d probably never deer hunt again.
  16. kbetts

    Two Keller Pendulums (SOLD)

    That was quick......spf.
  17. kbetts

    Limb Legs or similar

    I’ve got this little gadget that screws into the stab hole. It is made so that two arrows shafts can be screwed into it to make a tripod. I‘ve had it for years but never seen another one. The adapter excepts a carbon arrow insert on one side and a threaded post on the other. When you take...
  18. kbetts

    Two Keller Pendulums (SOLD)

    Thought I had them sold but buyer backed out. Both work perfectly. One is missing the light. PM for pics. Both shipped for $25.
  19. kbetts

    Feather templates

    Oh, goose feathers rock. Not as tough, but silent and waterproof.
  20. kbetts

    Feather templates

    I chop if I’m storing them or sending out to someone. Burning stinks, but it is very effective and you can create some neat shapes. Can be a pain to do on a nicely crested, wood arrow. Have to be careful.....they get hot. If you’re chopping, make sure your quill is ground down.....a full one...