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  1. DanielB89

    Found one.

    Who here has a fast eddie double pin they'd part with?
  2. DanielB89

    Anyone want to swap their LWCG for my 4th arrow talon for a month or so?

    Anyone have a LWCG camera arm they'd like to swap to try out my 4th arrow talon. That is the only camera arm I have not tried and I want to try it in the off season to see how it is. Swap for a couple weeks to a month and see how we like the other arms. Let me know if you'd be interest.
  3. DanielB89

    Anyone know anything about this sewing machine?

    I am curious to know how these are? What it may be worth? Etc. it’s not functioning atm as the chord is cut but I’m curious if would be worth trying to get back to operating properly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. DanielB89

    WTT: Mathews Triax for ???

    Anyone have a bow you'd like to trade for a triax? I would like for it to be atleast a 32" ata. I would expect it to be of similar value as the triax. I can trade mine as a loaded bow(matthews 4 or 6 arrow quiver), QAD drop away rest, trophy ridge inline 5 pin sight or as a barebow. I am...
  5. DanielB89

    Gun for my son(6 year old).

    My son managed to shoot his first deer this year at 6 years old! He was using a .300 blackout and made an absolutely PERFECT heart shot, literally blowing it up, but there was no blood at all on the ground. We got lucky and walked up on the doe around 40 yards away, but I wasn't very happy...
  6. DanielB89

    Climbing platform this year?

    I have my speculation that this year will be the year of a climbing platform that is actually designed as a platform. In my mind, it'll be just like the base of a LWHC except the arms will go down at a steeper angle raising the angle the strap goes around the tree(think LWHC mod) and still...
  7. DanielB89

    Camera arm that fits in 4th arrow base?

    I have a talon and really enjoy it. I think it is a great set up, but I with the arm was a little longer. I would love to be able to use it while im hunting from a treestand(can't believe I just typed that word) as well. Does anyone know what parts I could by for the connection? Then does...
  8. DanielB89

    DIY aider

    What are you guys using to keep the steps spread apart? I have seen some guys using pvc, I am just not sure what the standard is. **This will be a multi step inline aider that I am wanting to sew something above the steps to be sure they stay open**
  9. DanielB89

    ISO: 4th Arrow camera arm(only)

    Anyone have an extra camera arm laying around they don't want? I already have the base and the talon arm.. could possibly do a trade and cash for the difference for the right trade.
  10. DanielB89

    Zinger fletchings

    I purchased 12 zinger fletchings a few months back to do some testing with. I had never shot anything other than conventional fletchings. So here are my completely findings. Pros: Easy to install Good flight Quick Cons: Noise Slide back while passing through and can take the nock with it...
  11. DanielB89

    ISO RH Archery sight

    Looking at trying a new sight. Prefer 4 pins but open to other options. Let me know what you have. 3185473756 is you prefer to text Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. DanielB89

    LWCG Customer Service

    I wanted to let everyone know about my most recent interaction with them. I was looking for a used ambush here and someone mentioned a coupon I could use to get free shipping and all orders were shipping next day. I get on their site and I don't see any delays on the ambush and use the coupon...
  13. DanielB89

    What is going to save you? (Preparing for the worst)

    Everytime we leave the ground there is a chance of falling. Some people are climbing with safety in mind and some are climbing with a carabiner attached to paracord attached to their g-string(Nutterbuster). Thanks be to God that I have never had any form of accident that left me hanging or...
  14. DanielB89

    Which saddle has the smallest butt area?

    So I got the Latitude method in today and I have learned that I am not a huge fan of the 2 panel system. I did find that the bottom panel was VERY comfortable and I coudl almost see sitting in just it and hunting; which leads me to the question above..
  15. DanielB89

    ISO: LWCG Ambush (latest version)

    Let me know if you have one.
  16. DanielB89

    Hunting Tips - What to do before and after a shot.

    The joy of going hunting was passed down to me from my family, but not everyone is that lucky. Even though the passion for hunting and some knowledge was passed down there were several things I had to learn and am still learning on my own. I also think sometimes as hunters we can be very...
  17. DanielB89

    JX3 and LWHC ???

    @kyler1945's love for the JX3 hasn't gone unnoticed and I had to find me one to try out. With that being said, I have a JX3 on the way and I am pondering what climbing method I plan on using. I am going to try 1 sticking and repelling, also going to use 3 sticks, but it got me think about a...
  18. DanielB89

    DIY hybrid?

    So, I was watching a few youtube videos on the JX3 hybrid and one guy took the back off of his so he could hunt out of it with his recurve. This got my wheels turning.. Has anyone made something similar to this that only serves as a seat? I'm thinking like a summit climbing stand seat. It...
  19. DanielB89


    I have a LWCG Ambush I would like to trade towards a Hybrid and add some cash for the difference.. Let me know if you have one youd like to trade towards..
  20. DanielB89

    Arrow straightness

    Do any of you guys check for arrow straightness, and more importantly, what do you do with arrows that are not straight? I was fooling around with some arrows and decided to put them on my arrow spinner and I was amazed at how crooked some of them are. Since these arrows were already cut and...