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  1. bj139

    Simple DRT with GriGri.

    This is so obvious everyone here missed it, including me. Nice work, Lisa.
  2. bj139

    Late Season Deer Hunting in PA

    I see the deer season is over in PA until after Christmas. I was thinking of going out at that time in WMU 5C. The online PA digest did not show archery season open for that time. I did find this press release from PA state which states archery is in season during this time. I could shoot...
  3. bj139


    With the talk about Youtube deleting videos I figured trying another video sharing option would be a good idea. This is my first Rumble video. The embed feature does not work, at least I don't know how yet. https://rumble.com/vbr2ol-yellow-jacket-hunting-tree-saddle.html
  4. bj139

    I Finally Saw a Deer

    I have been out hunting at least 15 separate times and have not seen a deer until today. I got up the tree near where I had a previous incident with a hunter at 2PM. The first few hours, nothing then at 4:15, 45 minutes before sunset I see movement to my left. It is a buck and I grab my bow...
  5. bj139

    Sewing in Additional Insulation

    I have a Natural Gear fleece jacket and with it getting colder here a single layer of fleece is not warm enough. I sewed in a panel of Reflectix insulation. It feels warmer. On my next hunt I will find out for sure. I can remove it for warmer weather. Is this redneck?
  6. bj139

    Lacewing Larvae / Lichen Bug

    I was in a tree waiting for deer and since there was nothing else to see, I saw this. https://bugguide.net/node/view/24464/bgimage
  7. bj139

    Electrical Conduit Walking Stick/Rope Push Pole

    I had this laying in my pile of partially completed push pole projects and put a crutch tip on the bell end. It is 1/2 inch PVC conduit. The T top I had previously glued in place but the 1/2 inch conduit proved to be too flexible in a 10 foot length. This 5 foot length proved to be perfect for...
  8. bj139

    What computer browser are you using?

    I had been using Firefox for decades but the latest update filled my memory and slowed my PC to a crawl. I just downloaded Opera and so far I am very pleased. It is quick and memory is mid full. Firefox may be history.
  9. bj139

    Rope Climbing Presets, SRT, DRT

    I just leave the mason's twine loop in the tree and my pull down line (paracord) tied to my rope end loop. There is no need to untie the preset loop from the tree or the pull down line from the rope loop either...
  10. bj139

    New Puppy

    I am about to get a new puppy. With all the attention they need does anyone know of a chest harness or dog tree saddle that will hold a puppy for tree climbing? If I have to stay home with him it will seriously affect my deer hunting.
  11. bj139

    Hunting Incident

    Today, I was hunting at a state park and I decided to leave at 6PM. I started walking out heading directly for the parking lot. I heard a loud shout that alerted every deer within a mile. There was a hunter in a ladder stand ahead. He had walked past me an hour before and I wasn't sure if...
  12. bj139

    Who is Allowed to Hunt Deer on Sundays?

    In PA, I think only coyotes and crows may be hunted on Sundays.
  13. bj139

    Plywood Primal Platform (PPP) DIY

    I used a platform last year that was made from an aluminum fence post strengthener and a Primal step. I have been trying to build a lighter and simpler platform based on the Primal steps. I have something that seems to work and that anyone with a saw and drill can make. No welder or special...
  14. bj139

    Double Overhand Knot on Itself to attach a Rope to a Carabiner

    Here is a nice test showing this knot is safe. Many people use this knot but I had not seen any testing on it. https://caves.org/section/vertical/nh/46/doitie.html
  15. bj139

    Pull Down Line

    After trying all the ways people have posted about where to attach your pull down line I have come to the conclusion that the best place is in the end loop on the rope. I have not managed to get it stuck in the tree by just leaving it attached to the end loop at all times and I never forget to...
  16. bj139

    Realtree Outfitter's Mount

    Has anyone here used this? I bought one a few weeks ago but have not had it in a tree yet. It is sturdier and heavier than I thought. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BE8C79S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  17. bj139

    Rope Walking Videos

  18. bj139

    New Boot Scent

    I recently purchased a new pair of Muck boots and have been leaving them outside in the sun under a covered porch to get rid of the plastic scent. Is this a good idea? John Eberhart recommends burying them in dirt but if it rains but they would get full of water. He also says he does not wear...
  19. bj139

    One Sticking Pole Climb

    This is my third time one sticking, twice about a year ago and this. One sticking relies on standing on one foot for support much more than SRT, which enables you to sit for most of the climb. This is more important for older guys like me. There are more separate operations than SRT. This...