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  1. DanielB89


    I’ll chime in on this as well as I’ve done my fair share of purchasing used water crafts... there are a bunch of things that can go wrong on a motor. There are a few that can go wrong on a boat. First, the obvious, check to make sure the motor runs. To be more specific, be sure the motor...
  2. DanielB89

    My new favourite climbing method. Total Cost is under $20 and fits in the palm of my hand.

    Man, I pray you never fall. Those bolts are going to break skin and I pray it never happens. I fell one time on a wild edge step, while using my lineman’s belt properly, and felt like it cracked a couple ribs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. DanielB89

    String Questions

    I know they look appear to be reinforced, but I would still go with a b55 string. The belly has a wood overlay, which I wouldn't consider much reinforcement and the front could be fiberglass, phenolic, etc. If it were me and I wanted to be sure, I would go with b55.
  4. DanielB89

    String Questions

    IMO experience (i've owned and operated HCBstrings.com since 2014) very few curves actually use 4" less. What JSEXTON is saying is true for AMO, but the problem is most people don't measure by the specs of AMO(#100 of pressure on 1/4" posts). I can't tell you how many "amo" strings I have had...
  5. DanielB89

    String Questions

    Black widows have a bh bumping 9".. But they are a little different design.
  6. DanielB89

    Found one.

    i'm really looking for one at a used price.
  7. DanielB89

    Found one.

    Who here has a fast eddie double pin they'd part with?
  8. DanielB89

    New Gear release 2021

    I hate this "announcement" crap that has taken over the market. Especially when some of the products aren't on the market when it's close to a year after announcement.. ridiculous. We need to start a protest.. if you post an announcement about a product without it being on the market in less...
  9. DanielB89

    Anyone want to swap their LWCG for my 4th arrow talon for a month or so?

    Anyone have a LWCG camera arm they'd like to swap to try out my 4th arrow talon. That is the only camera arm I have not tried and I want to try it in the off season to see how it is. Swap for a couple weeks to a month and see how we like the other arms. Let me know if you'd be interest.
  10. DanielB89

    Kuhnerts Ambush

    I have had one pretty much every since they came out. I have owned quite a few platforms and imo there isn't a platform that compares to it. The size/weight is perfect for me. I don't understand the "it's harder to cam". I think the biggest thing with camming it is that it cams differently...
  11. DanielB89

    250 Spine Arrow

    I am shooting Black Eagle Spartans in .250 spine. I love the SS insert with them. I am a dealer for them. Let me know if I can help you any.
  12. DanielB89

    Anyone know anything about this sewing machine?

    thank you for the reply. I am going to pass on it. I was hoping it was going to be a more robust machine.
  13. DanielB89

    Anyone know anything about this sewing machine?

    I am curious to know how these are? What it may be worth? Etc. it’s not functioning atm as the chord is cut but I’m curious if would be worth trying to get back to operating properly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. DanielB89

    Who has snorted the Fairy Dust?

    where is this located? didn't see it on his page and i'm curious.
  15. DanielB89

    Making sausage

    A lot of people will have a different opinion here, but imo, absolutely. I have thawed meat before and then refroze it. I have always heard about hot it is a big no no, but I haven't experienced any adverse effects yet. Now, I try not to make a practice of it, but I have done it more than a...
  16. DanielB89

    HuntStand vx OnX

    Wanted to give you guys a little update on what I do and how it saved my butt this past weekend. I went stalking for hogs and did as I previously mentioned, used my hand help GPS (Garmin etrex 20 with birdseye) as my primary and then onx if I wanted to see a different look. I was stalking...
  17. DanielB89

    Bowmar nose button

    One of my biggest complaints about our current condition of society as a whole is the inability to associate with anyone who has done anything(singular) they don't agree with or support. If I don't fully agree with someone I can still learn from them. A wise man once said when asked about...
  18. DanielB89

    WTT: Mathews Triax for ???

    Anyone have a bow you'd like to trade for a triax? I would like for it to be atleast a 32" ata. I would expect it to be of similar value as the triax. I can trade mine as a loaded bow(matthews 4 or 6 arrow quiver), QAD drop away rest, trophy ridge inline 5 pin sight or as a barebow. I am...
  19. DanielB89

    Longbow string

    I own and operate HCBstrings.com Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. DanielB89

    DIY LWCG pocket arm

    Well done! In that picture with the camera off to the right if looks like the base may have shifted a little, is that the case? I’m interested in one of these, but I’m skeptical Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk