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  1. Dopo87

    Just some appreciation!

    I wanted to take some time to thank everyone involved with Tethrd! I truely believe that everyone that has been involved in this venture is doing it for all the right reasons and are here to help this community. Whether we hunters like to believe it or not, we are drastically reducing in overall...
  2. Dopo87

    Map Analysis Idea

    Hey guys I didn't see anything in relationship to this when I was looking, I thought it could beneficial if we had a thread where we could upload images of an area and analyze the maps. Its always better to have two sets of eyes looking at something. I also believe we could pick up a thing or...
  3. Dopo87

    Best backpack or frame pack for your saddle setup?!

    I am looking for some advice on what packs everyone is using when bowhunting... The basic backpack I am using from Field and Stream does not hold very much gear or clothing for the hikes out to stand sites. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Dopo87

    Buck down!

    Got it done today in PA, sadly I was in a portable because I got into the woods just after day break and was running late. But nonetheless it's my best buck to date! Thank goodness I still have two buck tags in NY and 5 doe tags between both states to get on the board with my saddle.
  5. Dopo87

    Feet fatigue..

    Does anyone else feet get tired? I'm using wild edge steps and I feel like I have to readjust feet often to battle the fatigue. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Dopo87

    Looking for some opinions!!

    I currently have the Evolution saddle and love it, so my question is should I upgrade to the kestrel or should I splurge on some quality camo like Sitka or KUIU.
  7. Dopo87

    Ascending and descending for dummies!

    So I found this video the other day and man does he go up a tree effortlessly... how is he getting down? Haha This system he uses to go up seems efficient but it seems loud and a lot of stuff to drag into the woods with you. Any advice to a newbie interested in this way of climbing would be...
  8. Dopo87

    Back ups

    So is everyone using backup bridges and tree tethers with their saddles? What should I be using. I currently have the Evolution set up just the way it came.
  9. Dopo87

    Chlorophyll Tablets

    The other day I was reading articles in regards to scent control and came across chlorophyll tablets to aid in scent control has anyone tried these to get more of an edge or heard of them for that matter?
  10. Dopo87


    Are most of you guys buying or building your aiders?
  11. Dopo87

    Curiousity by the new guy!

    So I'm curious as to how everyone sets up once in the tree(where bow, pack, jacket, things like that are positioned.. Also how the heck are people adding layers and rain gear while in the tree, ever since I've red Eberhart's books that has puzzled me!
  12. Dopo87

    Just my two cents!

    Would love to see some vehicle decals in the store!
  13. Dopo87

    WildEdge SteppLadder

    Last year I bought two bundles of the steps with the intentions of using them as a quick method to getting up a tree, I felt as though they are meant more for a pre-setup than a run and gun setup. What's everyone else's thoughts on this?
  14. Dopo87


    Hey guys, I super new to saddle hunting. I recently purchased the Aero Hunter saddle. I have the normal climbing options... tree steps, climbing sticks, and SteppLadders. I planned on using some of the SteppLadders for my platform. I see alot of people on here are constructing their own...
  15. Dopo87

    New Saddle Hunter from NE PA

    Hey everyone! Brand new to saddle hunting and this forum. I am going into my 13th year of bow hunting, and this will be the first season I will have a saddle at my disposal. I finally bit the bullet and purchased an AeroHunter Evolution saddle this week after watching various videos over the...