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  1. DropTine

    Morris county deer

    Red, hows the hunting in Morris county? Hunterdon produces some nice deer. There was 172" taken by a guys brother i went to school with Warren last yr
  2. DropTine

    Tree bolts

    Any using lag bolts to climb with? I figured to prep a bunch of trees where permitted I could use some kind of bolt with power drill to set em up quick
  3. DropTine

    New user Hunterdon county NJ

    New to saddle hunting. Grew up hunting in Hunterdon county NJ. Family owned 80 acre farm. Prior service, US Army. MOS 19k, 11B, and Army recruiter. 2 1/2 tours in Iraq. Life time member of local VFW.
  4. DropTine

    New Saddler Hunter

    New to saddle hunting. What an amazing concept! Mind blown for sure. Stumbled upon this method after hearing a Wired to Hunt Podcast. Started researching immediately. Once I understood the concept I was all about it. I ordered the Mantis saddle yesterday. This is a tactical approach to hunting...
  5. DropTine

    Saddle Safety

    New to saddle hunting. Let me start by saying amazing. Waiting on the Mantis to arrive. First question... does anyone use a secondary tree strap in case primary fails. Military man thinking contingency plan. Thanks