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    My tree saddle helped me derail my bow tonight

    Here's one I didn't see coming, but am sharing so others can avoid my mistake. I had a bear walk into my shooting lane tonight. As I came to full draw, he walked behind a small sapling and sat down, facing away from me. I held at full draw for a while, expecting him to move, but eventually I...
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    Quiet dry bags?

    My hunting pack for the last several years has been a Kifarhu Longhunter frame that I have modified into a glorified freighter frame that will adapt to easily secure and carry a wide variety of loads. For day hunting, I carry food, extra clothing layers, kill kit, tree saddle setup (when...
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    Proper Stopper?

    I started saddle hunting this year with a modified Sit-Drag and RCH but recently upgraded to a Tetherd mantis. Loving it so far. Had one experience that I thought I should share, though. One day while out exploring my hunting area and looking for an afternnon/evening ambush site, I discovered...
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    Tether/lineman's lengths?

    I bought 20 feet of Sterling Oplux for my lineman's belt and tree tether, and 10 feet of Sterling 6mm TRC, recommended for the prusik/distel hitches on the Oplux. Should I cut the Oplux into equal lengths or is it advantageous to have one line longer than the other? I hunt primarily old growth...
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    Axis deer from a saddle?

    In a few weeks I will be headed to Lanai, Hawaii, where I will be hunting the archery-only private lands of the big land-holding company on the island. This will be DIY, unguided. I've never hunted axis deer before, but have taken many species of big game with my bow over the years. Anyone here...