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    WTB 2-3 Wildedge stepps

    Looking to see if anyone has 2 or 3 Wildedge stepps with the regular ropes that they would sale me or trade for. Would like to try it out before buying a whole set. Been watching the cain method on YouTube and liking what I see. thanks in advance.
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    help on ooal pre set solo

    I have a strap and what seems to be a ocb buckle, I received with my order . For the life of me I can not figure out how to thread this thing . it is not like Danos ocb buckle but I am going to try to see if I can post pics for reference. Any help for a struggling dude will help and is...
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    Do you think it would work?

    I have been a ring of step dude for my saddle journey, however I have been noticing I may want to venture into the platform realm without giving up on the light weight and ease of packing my platform away. I am thinking of the Wild Edge perch and single step, but using a lone wolf strap to...
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    Hard decision ! Need help!!

    Man, I have got a tough decision for myself, and I am seeking advice from you all. I have Lone Wolf climbing sticks and love the simplicity and quickness of using them, however my pack option does not lend a hand in carrying the sticks. I have been experimenting with bolts and the treehopper...
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    Question on Climbing with Bolts

    For all those climbing with bolts, are you seeing any trouble with certain types of trees, like pines or other soft wood?? Are you drilling normally or having to get an angle to maintain stability? TIA
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    Leg straps remove them or not ??

    I have been thinking of modifying my Kestrel with cutting the leg straps off to drop some weight, and because they seem to just get in the way as I climb. Is there any real benefit to keeping them? I know everyone has to take personal responsibility for their own gear and how they mod them...
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    Best bolt and drill holder

    I recently picked up a treehopper drill and some grade 8 bolts. After much research on this thread and conversations with folks on saddlehunter.com, I have found the best climbing method for me and I believe the most compact carrying system for bolts. I just wanted to share for anyone else...
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    Need Help on Map

    I have a 1 day quota hunt on a piece of public land, and would like some opinions on where you think the best place to set up would be. I have never been on the property, so I am going in fresh, I have a few creek bottoms and funnels I was looking at toward the SW corner of property, but if you...
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    EZY® Climb T Tree Step

    Anyone using them as a ring of steps, and can provide pics?? Any pros/cons ?
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    predator rope noise

    I have the 11mm predator rope as my tether, and tonight I noticed, as I swung ever so slightly around the tree, the rope would make a noise. The noise sounds were creaky, I checked the rope and no damage or tears in sheath. Has anyone else had any issues like this?? I use a overhand knot...
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    sold WTS wei stepps

    8 total - have 5 stepps with bag, and 3 extra stepps used as platform . would sell the 8 stepps for $130 tyd in lower 48. Used in backyard to test, just not for me ! or would trade for 5 squirrel steps ROS.
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    Grade 8 bolts questions?

    For those that use the grade 8 bolts, what are some specs for weight. I know they are used for automotive use, and I read that they have 150,000 psi tensil strength. So what amount of weight would cause them to bend or break?? I am a big man (320#) and am wanting to move to bolts as a...
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    Looking for AH prusik and tender

    With everyone buying ropeman 1's and kongs, does anyone have the aerohunter prusik and tender from their setups they would part with for $10-$15 bucks shipped?
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    ISO bullman silent approach step

    Looking for 2 steps without straps to add to my ring of steps.
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    Pack for sale or trade

    For sale or trade Alps Outdoorz pathfinder with bino and turkey attachments Realtree Edge $80+ S&H http://www.alpsoutdoorz.com/products/packs/hunting-packs/pathfinder
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    cranford ROS ??

    Has anyone heard anything more about the new ros from cranford? Any timeline or information yet?
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    Alpsoutdoorz.com 30% off

    SCLK19 promo code gets you 30%off products on their website. alpsoutdoorz.com
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    You guys get me in so much trouble

    I believe this forum has been the best and worst thing I have ever come across. I just pulled the trigger on a kestrel saddle and few accessories, lone wolf climbing sticks, silent approach ROS, ropeman 1 for tether and LB, and couple dump pouches. My wallet is hurting after this, but...
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    Gear hanger for cheap

    For some of those looking at Slomo's ridge hunter gear hangers system, you can try it super cheap! https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/ridge-hunter-archery-treestand-accessory-holder-4-hook
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    WTS Alps Pathfinder price reduced

    I have a alps pathfinder and I used it a couple times last year. still in great condition, no holes in material, I also have the Turkey attachment and bino attachment asking $125 plus S&H