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  1. pesqimon

    Sold! PC. WTS 10 WE Stepps - price drop!

    Have for sale, 10 WE Stepps in good condition. Used for a couple of seasons, steps are solid; ropes are good. Added tape and paracord for silencing and comfort. Can remove upon buyers request. Can include a heavily modified 10 step bag. 5 for $70 TYD (PP FF or add 3%) 10 for $120 TYD (PP FF...
  2. pesqimon

    Horn Hunter G2 ideas

    Wanted to open up a discussion about all things HHG2, starting with attaching the bow to the pack while hanging in the tree. I usually pull my bow up, but now am considering putting the bow on the pack for the climb down so that all I have to do is gather my sticks and walk out when I hit the...
  3. pesqimon

    Assabet River Wildlife Refuge

    To the dude hanging at the refuge today, Hope your hunt turned out well and I didn’t mess it up by trouncing around. cheers!
  4. pesqimon

    Aerohunter Sale?

    Announced on Instagram but I don’t see anything on their website. All IG says is to go to the site.
  5. pesqimon

    Searching this site with Google

    A nifty trick for everyone. The search function on saddlehunter.com will not search for 3 letter words or acronyms such as SRT and RCH. A way you can do this is to use the Google search function to search only the site saddlehunter.com. If you type in SRT site:saddlehunter.com It will...
  6. pesqimon

    2020 Massachusetts Saddle Hunter Meetup

    UPDATE from Pete: Date: April 25th (26th for rain date). Location: Auburn Sportsmans Club. Directions coming ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This meetup was a ton of fun last year and I didn't want to go home! So, let's drum up some...
  7. pesqimon

    To create a post or reply in the Classifieds forum

    All users of saddlehunter.com may view the Classifieds forum, but in order to create posts and reply to them a paid site Membership is required. Below are the instructions for obtaining a membership: At the top of the screen click on your profile picture to bring up a menu of selections Click...
  8. pesqimon

    WTS Versastraps (three) SOLD

    For sale: three versastraps in good condition. Used maybe on a dozen hunts on Hawk Heliums. No modifications. * 8ft long * 3/4” woven material * 1,200 lb average strength * 2.5” link distance $42 TYD Paypal F&F Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. pesqimon

    Horn Hunter G2 Daypack

    Just wanted to give a shout out to the HHG2 Daypack, even though it annoys me with its loud zippers it really is a great pack. Today I was scooping up a couple a set ups while heading back to camp and managed to get it all on this pack. I bet you I could have gotten the bow on there too...
  10. pesqimon

    WTB OOL Podium - closed

    Looking to try a Podium as I venture into the platform side of life
  11. pesqimon

    ISO Summit Bucksteps

    Want to try these so let me know if you got some to sell.
  12. pesqimon

    Buckless straps versus amsteel for sticks

    Let’s say you’re into the buckless method but the included six foot straps are shorter than you’d like, so now you wanna buy 7ft straps. Are you better off just getting some amsteel? Amsteel is probably more expensive, but easier to get on the sticks? I have been using daisy chained webbing...
  13. pesqimon

    4000lb slider versus water knot

    All else being equal, with a tubular webbing bridge, what would handle a fall better: bridge attached with water knots or attached with 4000lb sliders? Tubular webbing is 4400lbs, but water knot cuts this to 70% on the high end. So reduced to about 3000lbs. Still it seems to me that the...
  14. pesqimon

    Tethrd Backband - No Sew Gen 1 to Gen 2 conversion

    When I went tubular with my bridge, still wanted my backband to work, so I attached it this way. Short length of paracord with loops on each end. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. pesqimon

    Alternative Bow Holders?

    Recently saw how the bow holder on the JX3 works. Anyone doing something like that on a different kind of saddle? Thinking it might be possible. Anyone doing anything different than hanging the bow off of the tree?
  16. pesqimon

    WTB Cranford Rope Step

    Looking for 1-4 steps to try out and see if I like them. Thanks!
  17. pesqimon

    Added shoulder straps to WE bag

    After last season I wanted to reduce “fiddle factor” by not carrying my stepps inside my pack. Had the idea to try an Alps Pathfinder and figure out a way to carry the stepps on that. The AP has lots of buckles one could use to attach things, but I couldn’t imagine a way to do it and still...
  18. pesqimon

    EZV Set Up Tips

    Feels like a few people are going to be trying out the EZV sight this year. I just put an EZV on my bow after using a single pin HHA for over a year. I just wanted to share a couple of things I learned the hard way. If you have a multipin sight, EZV provides a cheat sheet to compare your...
  19. pesqimon

    SRT with only 2 Ropeman's

    So I have been playing with SRT for tree climbing a bit. I have RADS technique down but was wondering if a Texas Kick system would be viable and better. The advantage of the Texas Kick system over RADS is that it is simpler with less gear requirements. My results were simpler and better than I...