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  1. bj139

    The Best! Greatest of All Time! Game Changing! The Most Awsome!

    I don't like videos where people cut out the mistakes they made during the demonstration. Everyone would would like to do something 100% perfect but that is impossible. I leave all my mistakes for realism. Sometimes SNAFU.
  2. bj139

    Platforms - DIY

    It works fine. Someone asked about this a few months ago so I made a video.
  3. bj139

    The Best! Greatest of All Time! Game Changing! The Most Awsome!

    The worst is when someone has just bought something and says how great it is. Then they say it will be here any day.
  4. bj139

    Screw or Autolock Carabiner?

    If you use a screwgate on the girth hitch of your tether, swinging around the tree, the screw can rub against the tree and get unscrewed. I know, don't use a carabiner here, but if you do it is something to be aware of. Auto lockers are safer here, if used.
  5. bj139

    Trade for a .5

    I guess if I have to ask, "what is a .5", I am not one of the in group?
  6. bj139

    Screw or Autolock Carabiner?

    I have been going up a tree and looked and seen my screw lock carabiner not screw locked. As long as I am weighted, no problem. I do screw them locked when I see this. With SRT, I am continuously weighted all the time.
  7. bj139

    What to do with my 97 castration bands??

    Buy some sheep.
  8. bj139

    The Best! Greatest of All Time! Game Changing! The Most Awsome!

    It slices, it dices. It guts your deer for you.
  9. bj139

    Friday Night Classics!!!

  10. bj139

    Platforms - DIY

    A seat from a Lone Wolf stand is used the most often. This is my backup.
  11. bj139

    Platforms - DIY

    I built this one from a Primal step and a piece of aluminum vinyl fence corner stiffener. And built a wooden one which is not as rigid.
  12. bj139

    Sewing Machine Deals for the DIY Guys

    I have sewed saddles with no zig zag stitches and didn't feel the need to. I read where zig zag is used on stretchy material since the stitches can stretch.
  13. bj139

    Carabiners for the fearfull not for arguing sake

    That looks good after trying destructive testing. In the condition it's in it would still be holding you in the tree. If it had fractured, then no.
  14. bj139

    Stock Trading

    I rode the AMC rollercoaster last week. Up to a $250 gain then back down to a $3 loss and OUT. Enough for now.
  15. bj139

    Crossbow Tree Hanger

    I use a tool holder hook available at Home Depot and Lowes as shown in this video.
  16. bj139

    Stock Trading

    Sold 100 BRK.B for a $130 gain.
  17. bj139

    Gri gri vs mad rock question

    The Madrock Safeguard doesn't have a spring to hold it open when not weighted so it is not as good for belaying but is better for just climbing since it does not pop open when unweighted.
  18. bj139

    Sewing in Additional Insulation

    I don't see why I couldn't wash it in place in the washing machine.
  19. bj139

    Stock Trading

    I did that in the past and hit it right one time. In two weeks I turned $5K into $35K. After that, slow steady losses.
  20. bj139

    Stock Trading

    SPY stop hit today. About a $600 loss. Ouch. BRK.B about $100 gain and holding.