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Search results

  1. Red Beard

    New Gear release 2021

    @hokiehunter373 just accurately summed up every saddlehunter's thoughts about the new gear of 2021 in one sentence... "Haven’t had any issues with ________ I just imagine these are even better"
  2. Red Beard

    What to do with my 97 castration bands??

    These better not show up at my house
  3. Red Beard

    LH Toelke Curlew TD Recurve package - $475 tyd

    Is that 57lbs or 52? Kinda looks like 52lbs.
  4. Red Beard

    PLEASE CLOSE ISO trad tab/glove

    True brotherhood here!
  5. Red Beard

    Quiver on or quiver off?

    Hilarious. I first read your response this way and thought... Well that's one way to cut weight! "how much gear do you have in the tree with you? I’ve been leaving my bow to minimize having to much stuff hanging in the tree with me"
  6. Red Beard

    New Era of EQUIPMENT when is the start of the end?

    THIS was well played! Good deal bud!
  7. Red Beard

    Screw or Autolock Carabiner?

    Kong don't make an Argon in an autolocker. So alas, I use an Argon S.
  8. Red Beard


    "It's so simple" :tearsofjoy:
  9. Red Beard


    Would you please post a picture of this? Trying to get an idea of where you put it.
  10. Red Beard

    PLEASE CLOSE ISO trad tab/glove

    Hey yall. Starting my trad journey and I'm looking for a 3 under tab and/ or glove. I'd like to see which one works best for me. Please let me know if you have any sitting around collecting dust!
  11. Red Beard

    Broadside Ascender set - sale or trade

  12. Red Beard

    New Era of EQUIPMENT when is the start of the end?

    And all the people said EVOoooooo!!!
  13. Red Beard

    The Panty dropper

    Shucks. I thought you were talking about a puka dog...
  14. Red Beard

    Saddle for a 7 year old?

    PM @JCLINE84 and tell him you want a Spidermonkey. :) Here's my 7 year old in one.
  15. Red Beard

    Samick Sage Recurve Review

    This thread is extremely old. But... @Jefferson10940's Sage was $75 to MY door :smile: I'm impressed with it too.
  16. Red Beard

    Turkey Gun Build & Pattern

    Hahahaha! Having kids don't make boredom flee bro ;)
  17. Red Beard

    Straps (a lot of...) : looking for ideas

    Best idea would be to sell them to us yahoos for $10 a pop and jump into saddle hunting debt free :smile:
  18. Red Beard

    Knee update

    Check out the thread called Ultra Light Climbing Method 2.0
  19. Red Beard

    Knee update

    Maybe you would benefit from 2TC. I've never had knee surgery but it seems to me that you may be able to do it since it really only requires one bending leg.