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  1. Aaronpaul14

    Scope under $250 recommendations

    Hey needing a new scope for my 7mag. Don’t really use this anymore for deer since I got my 6.5 but might be taking it elk hunting this fall. What would you guys recommend for under $250? Would like to increase that number but all of the other items I’m picking up don’t think I could manage...
  2. Aaronpaul14

    Please close: Copper John TST Bow Sight

    Anyone have one laying around before I order a new one?
  3. Aaronpaul14

    Sold: Custom WE Step bag

    I can get more pics if needed. Asking $70 TYD FF or add 3%.
  4. Aaronpaul14

    Sold! 4 Squirrel Steps on new OCB

    $100 TYD FF or add $3 for fees.
  5. Aaronpaul14

    Sold: Badlands Diablos Dos

    Look to part with my 1 year Diablos Dos. Approach FX is the pattern. Been used on roughly 10 or so hunts. Throwing in a bow boot too. Asking $200 TYD FF or add 3%.
  6. Aaronpaul14

    Advice on Small game weapon

    I didn’t really get into hunting solid until my 20s. Only been squirrel or rabbit hunting a few times. But my kids(3 & 6) love watching hunting shows and always want me to kill more deer for them to eat. Thinking this would be fun to get started with them. I have a 12ga and a 90 year old...
  7. Aaronpaul14

    Which to grab... JX3 or Merlin?!

    Tomorrow is the last day I can have a chance to fill my buck tag. Getting kids to bed and then to prep my set up. Do I take the JX3 or the Merlin? Go super light and be on the move with the Merlin? Or go to a promising pinch point and sit and wait in comfort in the JX3?
  8. Aaronpaul14

    Looking for advice on First ElK trip 2021

    A buddy and I are headed out west to hunt some Elk. Ive never been and he has been once years ago. Neither of us have points built up anywhere. Few areas looking for insight: 1. We are up for any style of hunting. Wether it be camp on our backs for a few day at a time, Basecamp, or spike...
  9. Aaronpaul14

    Badlands 40% Off

    Now through 11/30 get 40% off with code: BADLANDS40
  10. Aaronpaul14

    Sold please close!!: OOAL Pre-Set Solo Scout and Genesis3D hanger

    As title states up for sale is a pre-set solo scout and Genesis 3D hanger. Been on 2 hunts with it and honestly it is more solid than the regular solo scout. Just going to use my 1-stick as my platform when I SRT presets. The lag bolts and ocb strap have never been used. Will not split...
  11. Aaronpaul14

    Sold please close!! Whoopsie Daisy

    Backwoods Whoopsie Daisy. Went to cam cleat so no longer needed. $12 FF TYD or add 3% for fees.
  12. Aaronpaul14

    Latitude Saddle Sold in Stores??

    Just was at my local Sutherlands and was talking to the archery tech and they are going to be selling Latitude Saddles in the store. He has one coming in the mail today or tomorrow. Thought that was interesting! Guy was def not a saddle connoisseur lol. When it comes in might need to go and...
  13. Aaronpaul14

    Sold Please Close!!! Phantom/Recliner/SysES

    Ok guys selling my phantom to get a JX3. Everything pictured except the genesis 3D solo scout bracket. 1-Phantom Hunted a handful of time and yard use. 1-SYS Hauler ES OG - coyote brown 1-Recliner 4-kydex clips 1-Tethrd T-Shirt Size LG (washed but never worn- will add pics in a bit) $280...
  14. Aaronpaul14

    New 2020 Platforms: The “Real” Reviews

    Ok we have seen all of the reviews of the platforms that hit the market in 2020 that came after deer season was over. Those 1 hour sits in flip flops or crocs (whatever floats your boat) is not a 14 hour sit after walking in 2 miles while loaded with gear. So as the season rolls on I and I’m...
  15. Aaronpaul14

    New 2020 Saddles: The “Real” Reviews

    Ok we have seen all of the reviews of the saddles that hit the market in 2020 that came after deer season was over. Those 1 hour sits in flip flops or crocs (whatever floats your boat) is not a 14 hour sit after walking in 2 miles while loaded with gear. So as the season rolls on I and I’m sure...
  16. Aaronpaul14

    Sold please close!!! TRUGLO Range Rover Pro 1-pin

    Just laying around since switching to the EZV. Also comes with the 2X magnifier and all tapes. Currently set for left hand but just flip it to be RH. It is the newer push button brightness adjustment not the wheel. Asking $150 TYD FF or add 3%.
  17. Aaronpaul14

    Camera Arm Finally Done!

    Just in time!! Here is my take on a DIY camera arm. I finished painting it this weekend and was able to cut and sew the ocb buck into place. Hopefully I can get something on film to show the kiddos!
  18. Aaronpaul14

    Singer 306w Questions for the experts!

    Hey, so my wife picked me up a sewing machine for $15 at the Salvation Army. It’s a singer 306w and seems pretty solid. One kicker I am finding is that it uses a 206x13 needle. I can only find them in sizes 12 and 14. I’m not planning on sewing too much just maybe some webbing and some...
  19. Aaronpaul14

    (Sold Please Close)FS/FT: LH Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro (Mathews Version)

    As title states I have a left handed smackdown pro Mathews version up for grabs. Looking for $55 TYD or Trade. Not sure what I “need” so let me know what you got if wanting to trade. Do not need another rest or bow sights.
  20. Aaronpaul14

    FYI: EWO Sewn Eye Oplux

    Dano does it again.. https://doublesteps.com/product/oplux-tether-lineman-8-sewn-eye-rope/ I searched and didn’t see anyone post so not sure how long it’s been there. Just got an order in and it wasn’t there when I ordered.